Thursday, January 13, 2005

Current situation

Well, I have learnt one big thing recently, which relates to themes regulars will already have read. If I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, I imagine, and usually imagine the worst based on the tiny snippets of dubious information I do get. Therefore I had invented a complete scenario where the machinations going on based on the little I did know were mainly not in existence. The second lesson is apparently once we know a person, we can be connected and it has to be a lot worse for them to go than we think, thank goodness. As I said earlier, a number of people I'd partially given up hope on had all come back into my life one way or anpther, including a few I never expected to speak to again but contacted just in case, only to find a welcoming response. My negativity on another area has been removed.

Otherwise, I have been working quite a bit last week, hence my non-appearances online, and otherwise the other situations/people causing me stress are, as the nature of inertia states, continuing on and off. And because of my apparent karmic phases, they come in bunches so the people take it in turns to need me for one thing or another, when one stops it's not long before another takes over, and because I still have only one idea how to handle it which involves an event outside my control, it will probably carry on until I do work out how.
My business projects are continuing one way or another, I was just given a media contact for publishing my articles, though whether even that will elicit a reply remains to be seen. The fact that everything would have to stop and they'd have to plough through all this would explain any time between call and reply. I am now also writing Nick Roach's teachings on my forums for him, and actually feel incredibly honoured to be officially working with a master directly, and if there is karma, this has to be another karmic element.

Other bits and pieces. I saw another interesting number plate a second time, but parked this time so I could get an ID. The plate was the shortest I've ever seen, and was white on black, simply reading MT. It turned out to be a custom plate from Queensland Australia. They can choose the colour as well which explained the other confusing colour element, as Australian plates tend to be white. I also saw two definite fakes in a couple of days, another little bunching experience as it's been ages since I saw the last one. How the owners knew both had picked international formats that didn't exist beats me, as there's only one book where you can work that out, and not many people own it. I hope they look at a traffic policeman in a funny way and end up getting deported when the police discover whatever it is they're trying to hide. This may seem boring to some, but I've collected number plates and car models all my life since having the I-spy number plate book at about 4, and the model car catalogues since I was about 1, allowing me to learn every model in it by 2 or 3 (my parents told me this, and I can remember). Once British plates went 'Euro' in 2001 I happened to find a secondhand book of number plates of the world, and made my interest international. The arrival of the London congestion charge 2 years ago produced the flurry of fakes I started seeing at the time, and thanks to a lack of interest by the police are still being produced consistently.

To sum up, currently I am in neutral. Most of the big bad stuff is over (with the stress in the background for now) but all the projects for success are in such early stages I can only look in the now as I see nothing ahead. Now is quiet at the moment, but fine. Also as I've worked quite a bit I don't feel guilty having a couple of days off. I can but hope one or more of my major projects gets a major breakthrough as it is time I had something really good happen. And of course the celebrity big brother ends next week, so I should have another party to report on.

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