Saturday, January 22, 2005

Karma and enlightenment

Though I was told this is one of the most basic concepts, I still thought it was a pretty clever formula I'd noticed, and as we all have to start somewhere, here is the relationship between karma and enlightenment.

Firstly, by being involved in the illusion (maya), which is the belief we are separate from everything else, we take it all seriously and build up karma, which then has to be resolved. This continues as long as we're involved in maya, though of course we do also learn something new every time we resolve a karmic issue. Then, when we have become tired of maya, with its events and related thoughts and emotions, we desire enlightenment, which is a release from maya and the associated feelings.

Using the simplest method as described on , we detach ourselves gradually from the past karma by observing it, and as we remove energy from our reactions, we burn old karma by losing our association with it. Then of course by taking a detached attitude to current and new events, we stop building up new karma. When we finally finish the energy of our old karma, and perfect not reacting to current situations, we use it all up. And the result, of course, is enlightenment.

So if you allow in the extra concept of karma, though fascinating but superfluous to Nick's route to enlightenment, we are looking at the same thing in a different way. If karma does exist it will be an inevitable by-product of enlightenment that if you lose the illusion, you'll no longer be subject to any of its mechanisms, karma being the greatest one.

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