Sunday, January 16, 2005

A possible theory

Having just met someone else directed to spiritual books because she was 'just directed to', and said everything seemed to be planned somehow, I realised that if I put the equation the other way round, if karmic coincidences have become far more frequent and clear, then of course more and more of us will notice. Like the fake number plates suddenly arriving in London once the congestion charge arrived, so I started noticing them because they were there, if 'the quickening' as some new agers call it is real, then quicker karmic results would be a major part of it.
As I said, I have abandoned all logic here to observation. I'm not a scientist, I only apply scientific method to my research. And all I did here was to observe, collect and present evidence. Of course there has to be an exponential effect in karma, as if I need a person to give me a particular experience, then the experience is also part of their karma etc. So my new friends here experiencing the same coincidences as me were then meant to tell me about it, as have all the other people I know. And I don't just go looking, people come and tell me without knowing I'm interested as well.

So if this observation was correct, it would actually mean something amazing- we are starting to realise our lives are being controlled and directed, plus those of us who are becoming aware of this are bunching together in groups to show each other this experience isn't just limited to our own lives, but apparently spreading, and pretty quickly. I've been busy with aliens, psychokinesis, out of body experiences and clairvoyance for the majority of my time researching as that's the sort of thing people tend to report the most. And now it's nearly all karma and coincidences!

Keep adding your comments, maybe I can keep the karma blog as part of this, (unless someone wants to start one for us all).


Stef said...

I can't recall if you're touched on this in previous posts but maybe what you're getting at is a similar (or related)concept to Rupert Sheldrake and his morphic fields.

I won't rehash his ideas here but part of the morphic field concept is that once someone learns something it becomes easier for other individuals to learn it.

Personally, I warm to the idea of some kind of morphic force in nature but there are problems with Sheldrake's ideas. Not least of which is that Cantonese should be a snap to learn but patently isn't.

David said...

That's a variation on the multiple inventions observation, where people worldwide (and animals) discover or invent something at the same time without knowing about the others. As much of this related to inventions many years ago it wasn't easy to communicate across countries then. I can explain this with the universal consciousness which would connect us all anyway and mean one thought of enough importance would quickly spread and each person would claim it as their own not realising it was telepathic. Just a theory of mine that seems to work in practice sometimes.