Saturday, January 29, 2005

Too personal?

As with any new technology, you have to discover the best way to use it, and this tends to be by trial and error. Putting your personal diary on the outside, rather than the inside does seem a bit of a contradiction in terms, as a diary is meant to be personal. Well, that's done now, as we have blogs, but my mother's latest comment was (following 'It's too depressing') is 'It's too personal'.

I agree nothing has been left out, as this is my diary and relates to me. If it was a normal website, like my own, it would be subject based, but this is 'me' based, and I may then go off at a tangent from there. I have not committed any crimes or broken any other rules so I don't believe I have much to actually hide, considering behind the scenes we've all 'been there, done that' to some extent. Now it's just coming into the foreground. Well, I have nonetheless taken the advice, too late to edit the previous stuff, and I also think it would make each post harder to understand if I left out key points. But other bloggers, is it really so bad to bare your heart online if everyone else does? My view was that once a few others have the courage to do so, then so will I. In the long run we'll all get used to it and start being more open naturally.

Just for the records, I do hold back a bit, I haven't mentioned: The size of my penis, my toilet habits, my current and past sex life, and some of my more way-out fantasies. I may write about the others now I've thought of it...

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