Saturday, September 01, 2007

Energy shifts?

Besides reporting a week of average proportions, I am moved to describe a possible energy shift, from almost impossible to opening up. No actual clues besides a feeling, for ages now whatever I want to do seems almost like the dreams where you can hardly walk, and whatever I have got seemed to be with the maximum effort and delay. I don't believe this is chance, you seem to get into energy currents and unless there's a trick I don't know, leave them at random. I can't really say what made me start feeling this is about to happen. Nothing's really happened to point me to this view except one little female success, I have just gone about the normal sort of stuff with the normal sort of results.
Examples of past situations was the long drawn out plan of my friend to live abroad, the years of visa applications where each step was finally approved, the date announced and despite disasters on arrival the 7 year plan being fulfilled regardless. Hurricanes, financial problems and who knows what else were not enough to make them flee, worst of all he said he wanted to come back and then changed his mind. That represents probably the last few years of my life. Then my Sky TV filming. First it turned out it wasn't for TV (search me) and then when they were choosing how they were going to show it the constant delays over choosing the date which is no closer to a decision than a year ago. Remember I don't get paid for these, my payment is being seen. The crew got paid whatever happens but we didn't besides the presenter. That's fine but basically another example of the same energy in action/inaction.

Of course (until the recent example) all the women went the same way, the last exception having taken 12 years to reach that point which wasn't very far on the scale believe me. Work was the same (although I get enough to pay my bills which is all I need), and really every project beyond the most trivial have gone that way. The odd exception was getting filmed meeting the Big Brother finalists a few years ago today (I couldn't be bothered to drive there from Finchley where I was tonight), a rare high point in a sea of mediocrity. We all need patience but being unmarried still at my age, as well as many other missed landmarks, it seems time is running out. Meditation is another example. You learn how, all do the same thing and all get different results. We do our half in life and life does the other. How it works. Unless I discover I can manipulate the possibly bogus 'law of attraction' those are the rules I experienced all my life. I'm not saying the other is wrong as it may also explain how phases are so consistent, but so far have not had any control over any results, just been a witness.
Why I have started feeling a shift now I can't explain but hope it comes soon, and not just for one time.

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