Monday, September 03, 2007

Do we have the power?

I am still working on understanding how life turns out like a TV script. So much seems arranged, good or bad but similar phases. If the theory is true I am dreaming it all then I'm not writing this for anyone else as there's only me here. As god. I create everything, but not as the bible but hell, chaos. All is random and uncontrolled, until I learn to control it (possibly with the law of attraction, if it works) and become an adept. And whatever the mind conceives the control and awareness of the true situation is better than before, as that is in the messages.

Why it would be arranged to start with so much, lose it all gradually and end up with a house, qualifications and sod all is a mystery. I have family but have to make the effort to see them/vice versa, none live with me, and anyone who's read this will know my last regularly seen friend went away in 2002. One good thing about the internet is I've discovered there's no shortage of decent friend material, but obviously few I meet online live close enough to see, at least no more than once so far. But I can explain success in every aspect of life as I did before, it's like meditation. We all do the same thing but the results vary dramatically. We can only start success, others finish it, hence my predicament. I know exactly where I could be but can't buy a ticket there. Like the past. As my friend Gabriel says, if we want something whose fault is it? Who gave us that desire? No one. It is there already, it's how we are designed. We have no say in it so no blame, only over what we choose to do with said desire, ie pay or steal. But the desire has a life of its own and is no more under our control as any other feeling. Every method I learnt to change our feelings is hit and miss and at best works at random. Often if I meditate for an hour I feel one or two ticks better than before but it probably doesn't last that long.

But it removes the blame and responsibility as well, as we start everything but can't finish it. Even if I paint the best painting in the world I may never sell it. That happens all the time. There's more decent art and music around that will never be seen or heard by many or paid for that's as good or better than what is, and we can only do our best. And whatever we are not doing that we feel guilty about most are doing something else of equal value, and we can't do both. Don't ever feel if it doesn't hurt it can't win, that's oppression, like the twits in the gym who push too far. I stop when it's an effort and as a result have nearly 5 years with no injuries. Well, there are the facts, I haven't had time to read many blogs this week but will do, and with most comments I gain a reader. We'll get the network going again now it's been repaired, I just wonder why it was off for so long. And is Carla still reading I wonder?

Well the net froze but I managed to copy and save it and this is my second try. And had it decided not to keep it then I couldn't. A good example.

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