Saturday, September 29, 2007

Keeping busy

Well, though a bit of a mess I do seem to have been living a bit more this week. The video idea has taken off as when I take them I also find many new views of old places to take photos of. So Golders Green and Temple Fortune have been totally blitzed, plus a very nice walk in the park along the North Circular I don't remember using for ages.

I just found a name on Friends Reunited who is in my top 5 women of all time. Nothing happened as I met her here but she returned home 100 miles away that night and that was it. I phoned her a while after and she had a boyfriend and that was it. Now we're 47 or so, almost 30 years later, I have never forgotten her as one of the few who got away and she probably forgot about me the next day. I think it's the right person although she seems to be in a different place but the age is right and not a common name, I then need her to actually want to reply if it is indeed her although many can't remember who I am when they do.

The new boiler is promised for the weekend, it wasn't as cold as yesterday thank god so just coping. Nothing much else either way but the accounts appear to be over at least although I have sod all other work at the moment although the advertising I just bought may change all that soon. The cat's asleep on the keyboard now so rather than type round her I may as well stop while I'm ahead. Maybe I should write a few entries made up of questions so I can get some comments. Didn't work last time though...

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