Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dross, bogies and a few farts

I've been fairly busy farting around so far. The video idea has gone well, 48 seconds of blurry underwater scenes with barely audible sound to share on youtube has got me poking around old haunts again and taking photos from motorway bridges. I've got to do something with all this dead time on my own. No work this week (not a bad thing) but the boiler is now officially dead (prayers were said earlier) and my next prayers were for the new one to be in by the weekend. It was old (when I bought it as well) though.

I'm still working on bending forks having had an official online tutorial, no luck yet but now I somehow believe I can. Tomorrow is free plus a possible visitor in the evening. I have a list of little errands to do, none urgent but all useful and keep me busy. At least I've managed to take someone with me a couple of times recently as for a few years now I've done most of these trips alone. I think everyone knows a few people who always fart in the car and at least the current people don't do that. Opening windows seems to have no effect and our local petrol station used to sell the most amazing little car air spray in the 70s my father kept in his Mini and pointed back to me regularly as I was the person back then. Once I learnt to eat slowly it stopped happening. Simple remedy really.

My other little job working at Funtrivia has gone into meltdown, for some reason everyone is fighting regardless what we do or say and has kept me far too busy recently. If I could give classes how to get on I would as I do this privately and know how to myself. It's the easiest thing on earth, based on being passive or assertive depending if you're on the attack or defence. Arguing is basically superfluous to life and can be stopped forever in minutes if anyone really wanted to. I think it's often a way of relieving pressure in life and also keeps people busy. It also pisses off nearly everyone else and starts many others off who are normally quiet. Bad news.

I stopped sleeping with a parcel (not even for me) and then a plumber this morning, had I been busy tomorrow I'd be going to bed now but what's the point. I hope all this blog trawling may attract a few more visitors as it's more active than ever before, but not yet on mine again. At least the new arrivals haven't read all this before but then again I did used to write about philosophy, but really run out. I am told there is a paradise beneath our emotions, taught how to slowly get there and have found none besides that from meditation which is a peak not a trough so won't last. A bit technical but you can't get north if you travel south and that is why I can't find that place from meditation. The other place is pretty good but lasts for minutes when you are lucky enough to find it.

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