Monday, September 24, 2007

Typical entry

Strangely now links have been returned my hits have now halved! So people maybe finding this never return? Who can tell (espcially as hardly anyone comments). But my own readings of this see it reflect my life as an endless weekly repetition which bores me in reality and again when recalling it, so I can't blame anyone else for giving up.

I can't provide much more philosophy as there's none left. I do read and learn new bits and pieces, some potential and some even less certain, so why mention them unless they work? I have read why emotions are unhelpful, in theory again, but says they are all hiding the true peace beneath, good or bad. How we were made to be better after working to change ourselves is odd, but true as meditation opens new places up as well I doubt many people will ever see if they don't. So if there is a total peace underneath then finding that should be enlightenment. There can only be one constant higher state and that is not a peak state either but our true nature hidden by the energy in its way. Apparently. I have the methods from the book so will keep using them. They follow Nick Roach's view, but are less general and more direct so seem like a focused way of applying them. I will keep doing it and see.

Otherwise last week was much like the last 30. Photos, plus now a few local little video trips, broken boiler and a little work. I am fascinated after an online lesson how to bend metal and will be working on it for some time now in case it does what it appears to. If I can get one reliable and useful power then I reckon I'll have a door open to a superior way of life. Look what it did for Uri Geller's. That would get me some TV coverage for sure. And it should get paid as well. Actual qualifications and talents are lucky to get you much now unless they are part of the few chartered ones I never managed, mainly through lack of a maths O level. My profession works as well as others, better in many cases, but is unlikely to get chartered for whatever reasons they invent.
The little list of hope is my 3rd TV appearance is advertised within 3 months. No date, but they would look pretty stupid giving that timescale if not decided yet. My 4th is not in doubt and is pencilled in for January although not in the UK. When I read lists of TV and film appearances and chart hits I always wanted my own, and not a short one that peaked and dropped suddenly. I intend this one to continue for many years and reach the proper channels and audience eventually. I've no idea how many satellite programmes end up on real TV but the more you do then there's always a chance one might make it without even needing a new show to make.

So I'm back with a fork in my hand like in 1973, but with instructions this time. Bend! Bend! If I never go anywhere again I've still seen Uri twice and the day comes when you are fed up seeing others perform and want to be the performer instead. Behind the scenes I'm working on this and like a pupa appear asleep but inside something is being created to be released at an unknown date. If it paid for a move back to civilisation it would be a bonus, even on my own. And with enough money I can forget about having to earn more and let it all hang out. I may even try growing a beard again as far as image goes. Partly as the hair is beyond growing any more. And I just need one attractive woman who understands and accepts me as I am and it'll be made.

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