Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Figures everywhere

I've actually been pretty busy this week. Routine stuff but little time to stop and think crap thoughts. More accounts (will it ever end, and will I ever get paid?), saw a friend after and took photos from a motorway/railway bridge yesterday. Working tomorrow, fine but they wanted a (feh!) early appointment. Early for me anyway. The boiler was down for a few days, fixed on Monday and lasted a day, and magically came on again this evening. Fingers crossed. The cat was defleaed as well so should be a lot happier now. There's little else besides hoping to see my 3rd online TV programme this year. Each is a step to fame and I think maybe 10 minutes of scene will do more for recognition albeit in a different continent.

Otherwise there's nothing really to do one way or another, business or pleasure. I did realise like when there was nothing on TV before I had the internet I would meditate, and when all else stops I can always do that. You can't meditate too much. And if it works your actual circumstances matter less and less. I've still been too busy with work to read many more blogs so not surprised few more people have arrived since we've been linked again. Or I've become boring. Life has become boring a lot of the time and this reflects my life. What else I can mention besides that I'm not sure, except to say a few people are now beginning to recognise my abilities. They were finished by so much time on my own that it forced me to work out a lot about life and that is what taught me most of what I now know. It is of no practical use to me yet but does help others and answer most questions I'm given.

Unlike usual I am running out of material. I've used my time well today and deserve more really. More money for the work and any sex from the women. Not too much to ask really.


Anonymous said...

Watched your youtube clip. You seem relatively at ease in front of the camera...but you have no defining 'look', no costume of sorts. If you want more on-air camera work then you have to truly stand out from all the others. You have to have something memorable about your appearance or your delivery of comment/opinion. Something consistent; a prop of sorts. It sounds cheesey & sell-outish, but the industry is pretty shallow and dumb that way. Needs to be something memorable about you. As it is, you look like a poor, middle age, soft spoken, lonely hearted accountant---or plumber. Nice guy, but completely forgettable.

Was that your front garden?!

Still, good for you for getting this far.


David said...

Yes, that's the front garden. I think I already have a niche position here, as I have been filmed 4 times in just over a year already. My 'look' is aimed more as my personality, few if any of the 'talking heads' as we're called on documentaries look different to anyone else but are used on a regular basis as basically so few other people know or care enough about the subject to choose from.
The real key is audience figures. Once you crack say 1/2 a million in the UK you will start being noticed, and the real goal is terrestrial TV, I was on for 5 seconds a few years ago and everyone I knew saw me.