Thursday, September 13, 2007

Updating very little

Before I start looking up other blogs as I have the time and the means, I may as well report my own little activities. Firstly the activity hasn't changed here since the links were returned, whether people don't get me any more or the huge volume of new active blogs (at last) means there are too many to go round. I wonder if like radio callers some people prefer to read blogs than write them but as I am more of a writer I wouldn't know.

I've done very little more than usual, my father reminded me of some places round Sudbury and Harrow on the Hill which I did yesterday, and mainly got the stations. More crappy accounts today, the accountant left a request from May till now although urgent, and assumed we received it then as well, which we hadn't. He wants me to learn a new trick and get it done by Friday. He'll be lucky. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel, if I wasn't so desperate for work I wouldn't take stuff which means I can be called any time of the day or night, often to do things I'm not qualified to do, and be paid the same as I was in 1998.
And get no thanks for it, only complaints after saying some of the work was beyond me.

Otherwise besides spending the rest of yesterday getting the video clip sorted for youtube it's been business as usual. Each week I have plans and hope for a little better, but just get what I expect. Maybe forever. Technically I have broken into the media now as planned for 46 years, although only just, so as will be shown over and over again may attract the attention of someone important eventually. Meanwhile I still have a little list of jobs fair and foul to keep me occupied for a week or two. If that's the best I'll ever get then so be it, and maybe it will force me to just stay in and meditate which is not dependent on outside events. Maybe if I start talking about bodily functions again, or worse, I'll get some readers back, but I may have used up that rich seam of faecal material. I've been doing it all my life and have to run out of combinations of ways of saying poo, fart and fanny eventually. But I know there are some people around like me who titter at the slightest mention of droppings in any form, so maybe that will return as my trademark. Not that I can help it anyway.

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