Saturday, December 01, 2007

Little things

It's the little things that usually happen in life, and basically the background situation, job, family, health etc is what you really experience, the rest are extras. Having only the barest minimum of the first all I really see is the extras but as they are so rare I only have the little ones like everyone else.

Having had a free week right through it was just a list of little things and half completed projects, the bike tyre is ok now but something mucked up the mileometer so that's not working now. Not that we touched it but doesn't take much apparently. My new Facebook progress is creeping ahead, one more reply from someone but no others from a growing list. I've taken photos with the new memory card every day besides yesterday (rain) when I actually worked for the afternoon instead. Next week I expect the indoor work will start, first the article and then a picture, and who knows what else. Each month the TV company list the programmes coming the month ahead, and I wonder when mine will be announced, as I don't expect them to tell me even when it's on (they rarely do). Not that I can see it but would like to know it went ok. And get the DVD. I emailed the other lot who say the programme will be on in autumn and no reply. Lucky I have their phone number but every other date has failed to materialise (Sky's fault) so I can see that dragging even though the programme is made and I've seen it. Had I been paid I'd still prefer it was on but would have something to show for it.Thanks to auto save I kept this despite turning the computer off before doing it myself. But made me think how boring some of this must be. But real. And as it became dull it could change again, and if I wait long enough could be fun as well for me.

Well now it's late so I won't drag the barrel for any more. Duty calls.

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