Saturday, February 16, 2008

Busy week for a change

Besides the usual photos and videos I spent this week spending some of my birthday money, and actually got quite a few things on my list despite only spending £20. That's the way I shop, I saw a few other items for £20-30 each and thought they were a waste, and got far more than I expected after a few days looking around and was offered the final item I was after as a present next week.
I also spent a couple of days chasing up my media projects, and if nothing else have plenty more information. It's a start, positive, but not close to an actual date on any of them. But as long as they're alive I'm OK. The trouble is none of these steps have made a difference to my life so far of course. New pictures and books are nice but don't change your life much.

I was also expecting a few more replies which have been totally absent, one was promised over a week ago and the other is a total mystery. Hopefully both will be cleared up next week. The 'active' woman in my life seems more interested in keeping occupied than in me. The other is a long shot in many ways but is actually suitable and interested. Many couples meet and after decades of separation finally unite, and this is no reason not to either. If she's now single anyhow. But after expecting little or nothing this week I made plans each day and did all the work myself, relying on no one to get the activities and results. Whether I can keep this up is debatable, I have a few photo trips coming up next week onwards, and how long any media news will take is anyone's guess.
I am also working a little more on flogging my artwork after my old school sent an ad for an art sale in May. No reply from there either but it could be half term.

It is boring meanwhile when despite getting a lot done (I even fixed the mileometer on my bike at last) nothing is happening. I did see a youtube video describing enlightenment in a way that finally made sense to me and means I now see it as a genuine state achieved through effort and not chance. I have the method ( see, a website I also contributed quite a bit to anonymously. Most teachers say to focus on any aspect of the present and they must have a point.
I hope tomorrow is more exciting than expected, as I'm going out later I really can't be bothered driving around first, will do the online quiz at 2 and then maybe saved up jobs indoors at last. At least I'll have the time to do them. It's no joke being alone I can tell you.

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