Friday, February 29, 2008

It's not happening

Thursday is over, and just realised I've written this on February 29th. And it's the year of the rat, and I was born in a leap year and rat. That means every 4th sign must hit a leap year. More or less as for whatever reason Chinese years don't match ours exactly.
I was about to talk about something but that just occurred to me.

I'm actually incredibly busy. It seems the lack of outside news has forced me to make my own activities, and each day despite often not having a clue what I'll do have now covered miles of places taking photos and videos, and bough a few little bits and pieces as well. The only contact I've had with the media was an email from one place telling me not to keep emailing them (in a nice way) as they were still waiting for the information. From who- God himself? Fuck me, if my business was organised like that I'd be quite eligible for excommunication. If someone phones you and asks a question then you usually answer, but use email and you can put it off till retirement. Now one trail I followed was correct, a production company I worked with (for an afternoon anyway) did go bust, but the good news was my project was taken on with a few of their staff by another agency. Who don't even answer their fucking phones. For weeks. Had I been a paying customer I expect they'd all get their cocks out and ask me if I wanted a lick, but ex-client (unpaid) and you may as well be a typhoid carrier. Bastards.

I have been told by everyone I know in the media (it's called networking and pure luck in some cases) that this is par for the course. Now OK, if they're nice to everyone until they've finished with them (like the worst salesmen) and then drop them like a used tampon what if they need you again? That is not a way to make yourself a reputation.
Please God the next job gets used and even if not, sooner or later I could reach the status where they may actually respect me and decide I'm worthy of receiving money as well. Meanwhile on a similar vein the last series of Grange Hill (they actually had it last year) was repeated this week on CBBC where it was shifted last year without one viewer knowing (including me). So I though thank goodness, I'm able to see it again. Episode 1 was Monday, oddly at lunchtime when lots of schoolkids are watching. Not. It was scheduled for every day till the series finished and by Tuesday had been cancelled. If it's on again next week I'll get over the treatment, but where the hell did it go and why? They're all at it, the third series of Mystery Hunters apparently was never shown in the USA. They're now starting filming the 4th, and as it's no longer shown here and the USA are still playing repeats then who the hell's meant to see it outside Canada where it's made?

Meanwhile I carry on driving round London with cameras and tidying the house while Rome burns, Prince Harry is in Afghanistan, other items are being used considered more important than my article, producers are losing their businesses, more series are being pulled, women are not thinking about me, new buildings are being planned for after I'll be dead, and nothing actually ever happens or changes.
I still hope to become famous, however long it takes. It's started, very slowly, but has begun. I may not be working that much now to earn it but put in enough in the buildup that it's all a delayed reaction. But a million times more likely than a decent woman. Apparently.

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