Friday, February 08, 2008

Have you been?

A bit of a quiet time so decided to come here rather than go to bed alone. I was actually going to watch videos but they wanted calls on ufos on the radio and 2 hours later not one person has called. Been busy online anyway. I've updated all the normal stuff on the funtrivia blog already and don't feel like repeating today's shopping and small shifts on the media projects. Looking ahead (as now is not very interesting) there is still nothing very interesting. More 99p pizzas I just bought (I prefer the good ones but there weren't any there) and taking something back to the shop where they insisted what I bought does what it doesn't.

I've actually added quite a lot recently but seen none of it. I was seen coast to coast on US cable for an indeterminate time last month, waiting to probably be in a national paper for the first time (named anyway, I was in the Telegraph magazine when I was about 12), and planning a new TV programme. But every one of these is far off, the DVD of the programme will probably be in weeks, the paper in a few months and the new programme maybe a year or two. Now is something different. Looking forward to returning a dodgy item to a shop of morons is not the greatest thing to anticipate in life, and back to a bog standard weekend I presume after that. The female interest has failed so far since showing an initial interest. The second possible one is months away if even available. The week so far has actually been ok but this is a little gap and hopefully if tomorrow even if one little thing I'd like to happen does then it will take me away from the limbo now.

The new Facebook application 'would you do me' is possibly the best cultural influence this century, I lost the best one and hope if I click enough pictures it will come back as many do. If we can all find just one local one who means it then we'll all be well away. Hopefully they won't want a meal first as I hate eating out.

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