Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I don't believe it!

Still keeping busy, and mostly from my own efforts. Even the small amounts of information I've squeezed out of people have been from constant tries before the right person was located. Many have yet to reply but I have their numbers and no longer bother to wait forever in case they get round to it. No, I am as important as anyone else they deal with.
The good weather has helped of course, plenty of photos and videos, and plenty of little jobs to do indoors when it goes quiet.

I make lists to keep me organised and occupied, so there aren't too many times when I totally run out of things to do. It's incredibly similar to those marooned on an island as there's no one else there to make the activities for you. I can invite others but they have to agree and those who invite me have to be worth doing as well. Not many coincide any more though so nearly all solitary pursuits and family visits. So on the big issues I am waiting on all. At least there are media projects, and I still have a few on the go. Toby Young had an article about his life in The Independent this weekend and saw two photos of him as I remembered from the 70s. It's good to see people doing well who deserve it as too many like Paris Hilton, Lady Victoria Hervey, the Palmer-Tomkinsons and the like are famous because they are rich, not the other way round. Why the obsession with the sort of people you are jealous of as well as those you admire is a mystery to me. Anyone born with millions is no different to anyone else except they have the freedom to do what they like and hangers on who hope for a few crumbs. But famous for it? My arse.

At least people in Big Brother have to suffer for weeks for their fame and few keep it up after the first few months it ends. As they haven't got any reason to be famous besides their exposure. Better to build up slowly for a reason, and I am slowly doing that after many years working to get the letters after my name that get me the work in the first place. Hare and tortoise scenarios. With the patience of a saint. And while I wait each day occupied is a little miracle that I find something new to do each time.
I still leave the really boring stuff indefinitely but we're all human in that respect. But that doesn't include enquiries from people, only getting in touch with them because it's my turn to do so with no actual other reason. You have to have priorities. I doubt I'll get much this week or the week beyond on the media front, besides me calling a producer if not heard by Friday (now I know the new location). After leaving a message last Friday that is. The rule should be if you have no news at least tell people if they ask, and if possible why. I'm not going to ring the newspapers (like they'd care) to say a TV company is having legal problems getting a programme out, but if it's my programme I'd bloody well like to know. Otherwise it looks like they don't care and are just leaving it to rot, which would make no financial sense.

It's also interesting the said company have no idea the programme even exists any more, although they commissioned it. I hope they have their records lost by the government and they moan, and I can say 'serves you fucking well right for doing it yourselves'. It's the same people in every office in the world who do this, it's pure chance where they are and what they lose. But the one thing they never had to begin with is brains. Anyone can foul up something difficult but not getting addresses wrong or not keeping proper records. We could do that in primary school when we played shops and if we could then these airheads are just taking the piss wherever they are.

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