Saturday, March 15, 2008

Insulting times

I am running out of things to do. Leisure is great especially if you're still paying your bills, but there's only so much you can do on your own. Believe it or not my latest trip is from a group which collects photos of London postcodes. So I'll drive round as many as I can until they have them all from the members. Otherwise I'd have nowhere at all left to go. I've been all over the place taking photos and videos, and found a Beatles shop with all their old pictures (copies) this week at the station for Abbey Road, and may now spend a packet (for me) on posters from the company who made them.

How your life is shown up under a spotlight when you're relying on one thing to happen to change your life (which usually doesn't, as in this case) makes you realise how little there actually is. OK it's flexible, people do come and go all the time and having decided having dubious people around is far worse than no one as you can do as you please has meant currently all I see is my family. I really wonder now if the newspaper will use the article or it was just another possible project if they decided people would like it enough. Tragic really if so. Now I know my programme for Sky TV (which wasn't going on TV) was not shown as the production company went bust it does explain their reluctance to communicate with me. I assumed it was Sky who were pissing around but they told me they have to wait till the series is finished, which is currently being done, so they tell me. I've still had no DVD of my 3rd TV showing in America, that's after being told they didn't even want me to have one. I am working with some total spastics here and no mistake. At least in the blog world you're still able to use words like spastic, cretin and mongol and the worst that can happen is someone makes a comment, which would be the first for months so please do, it means someone's actually read it.

Anyone over 40 will remember the innocence of the playground where we had spastic and racist jokes and people freely called each other morons, imbeciles, cretins, mongols, spastics, cripples, and anything else from a Victorian medical dictionary. Now it's non PC you can easily go to a primary school in the poorer parts of Britain and instead of them you'll hear 'fucking cocksucker' 'motherfucker' 'retard' and 'your mother's a whore'. Now can anyone honestly tell me these American and Arabic imports are actually better than innocent medical terminology for the mentally ill from the 1800s? No you can't. If you create a hole something else will fill it, and if you decide to criticise one of the little darlings on a bus for vandalising it or having the music on too loud you'll discover exactly what I mean. "Go fuck yourself loser" is a lot worse then someone waving their arms around making spastic noises. You can't stop kids being nasty, all you can do is change the nature of how they do it.
Political correctness is for the totalitarian dictatorships and not the once free boroughs of London now under the gulag mentality Ken Livingstone and (restricted) Transport for London. They are the true fascists and by restricting what normal people say and do, ie speak and travel, they are demonstrating who the true arseholes are.

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