Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb

Yes, I've just found a Trumpton video, with my favourite songs and episodes. Felt just like the first time I saw them in 1967 again. You can't return to the 60s but you can bring it here.

On other business I've got a little further on one TV programme, turns out the company got into difficulties when filming and had to pass it along so still hasn't been completed. Nothing to do with the TV people but the producers. I guessed as much and very lucky they haven't dropped it as well. So really three projects on the go, this is taken care of, the other is done but I haven't seen it and the third is the big one should it come off. All I will say for now.

Little work jobs this week, more than usual. Slightly. One delivery came today when I wasn't there but I'm trying the redelivery service online for the first time. Worth a try. I expect it's my 3rd set of Status Quo tapes, having lost or melted the last two over about a 20 year period. Don't leave tapes in the car outside the glove box as they will melt in the sun. Money down the drain. I'm even going to bed a little earlier as I want to do a delivery before my first appointment if possible and can't get up late if I do. I have two more mail orders coming from abroad who knows when and only Uri Geller's more clairvoyant guide knows when anything else on the list will happen. Actually no one can see the future, and even when someone has planned a date they rarely bother to tell the others involved as I've discovered when my TV programmes have been shown before I knew about them. Or in one case put online without telling any of the participants. I was only mentioned in them but nonetheless the people in them would never have known had I not found them by accident.

Little else from day one of week whatever it is 2008, except two people said they'd be seeing me last month and being now this month did not happen. That's the one big problem with the internet, we meet loads of interesting people but almost impossible to meet them. So meanwhile I discover new cafes in parks in Golders Green and Hendon, take photos of stations in Willesden and even now tidy my house. I've lost more things than I've found or put away and doubt anyone pinched most, mainly as not many people come here. Well not ones I'd suspect anyway. Where the Parker pen went the night I had 5 of said people over is still unknown and none of them are like that but it's now vanished from the very room we were in and no answers yet. And my new trousers from my bedroom. Happened all my life really and some reappear years later.

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