Saturday, March 08, 2008

Religion and more

Firstly, two observations on religion. One, we pour scorn in tribal religions and sun worshippers, but what on earth difference are they from our modern or popular ones? Are the bible stories any less outlandish or have I missed something.
If you compare the delusions of the average schizophrenic there is little difference besides the huge number who accept the religious ones.
Next, the comfort God gives to his followers is no different to a sugar pill. If you look close enough at religion it's founded on nothing. There's nothing there. If people have found a way to feel good for no reason then just use that without the nonsense.

Now back to reality. My neighbour pissed around on the computer yesterday and it's running around 250hz now. No idea why but something's got in. I can't even do a virus scan as it's too slow for that. I cleaned the disk but no effect. System restore next step.

Otherwise it's been another busy week, and got a few essential jobs out of the way. One was returning a library book to my school after 37 years. I knew it was here but hadn't got round to taking it until I had to contact them about something else. The secretary was pretty nice as well. A good reason to return for the full tour I turned down today (nowhere to park for starters). I've really narrowed down my list of awaited news to two items. The rest are irrelevant. All that's happened so far is my 3rd pair of Status Quo tapes arrived to replace the lost or damaged ones from the past. I already heard last week why my 4th TV programme hadn't been shown, the firm went broke before completing the series so totally down to them to fix it now it's been passed along. No more plans now, none. OK, two minutes on Monday to fill a prescription. Two visitors couldn't make it midweek, one being a relief as has now become a pest, so I've completed all my work virtually alone, as usual for the current period of time.

Of course timing is irrelevant in my career, if a project is completed when is not important. What is important is the current one is the biggest ever and my first newspaper job. Meanwhile after thinking I could catch up with last year's series of Grange Hill after I discovered there was one came to a halt on the second day when they stopped it as it was about suicide. Pathetic. No idea if they will show it now, or if before the new and final series in April.
I can't see ahead besides having to wait in for the cleaner tomorrow. More than that I cannot say. The week was fine really and I just hope the rewards are next. It's been a long time coming if it is.

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