Saturday, March 29, 2008

Progress or not

Yes I have returned. If anyone thinks my stories are boring you should just try living them instead. Thinking of new things to do every day on your own while promises of media success fade into oblivion is a lot harder than reading about it. And I may start banning anonymous comments again if people haven't got the balls to firstly speak as themselves and secondly write a blog of their own.

I've actually been pretty busy since then, just little local trips but found various little things along the way including an amazing painting for next to nothing I'm now looking for a place to hang. One person I've been waiting for is now around although we haven't arranged an actual meeting date yet. Other than that it's officially less than 3 months till the Ministry of Defence release their first UFO files, and that is what my newspaper article is about. Now if they don't publish it by then it's not going to look very clever. I assume they will know before everyone else with official sources (and unofficial) so will be ready to print, although they said they wanted it done before their release. Not a bloody clue.

It's pretty clear ahead so far (including work wise). I can't think of one profession less reliable than being a therapist as you never know how many times people will come or where the new ones will arrive from. Advertising has no effect and nearly all my customers are from a national directory everyone finds when looking for someone. For those who questioned my credentials to practice I may as well present them now in case there was any doubt.

I finished my degree in law, and rather than become a solicitor after a tough year's further study I preferred to return to my original interest and took a 3 year part time certificate and diploma at counselling at what is now (as is my polytechnic) a university. I then took hypnotherapy and psychotherapy courses to reach the top level of accredited counsellor. That's as good as it gets and the jobs are still nearly impossible to get as the few there are either want women, ethnic minorities, female ethnic minorities or ex drug addicts. ie nothing that applies to me. Plus many jobs advertised are for volunteers. 6 years as a volunteer before and after qualifying was quite enough for me and you never see jobs advertised for volunteers in any other profession, but they think 'counsellors=mugs'. The government do as they haven't recognised it as a profession at all so technically you don't get anything for a qualification, hence my lack of a job.
I worked in a shop while getting the post diploma experience and extra qualifications needed to progress, I was made redundant, applied for hundreds of jobs, got 3 interviews and eventually 1 job in another shop (manager this time) which lasted a week before the place was closed down.

But the media connections I've made since then, although paid not a button or a biscuit have guaranteed three TV appearances show worldwide and another in the pipeline. The fact I've even been used for a national paper article, used or not, means the potential is there, and that would be what is needed to move from unknown volunteer seen by thousands to paid professional seen by millions. I don't know whether this is my only chance to get there, or others may arise afterwards, but job or no job it would have been impossible to do the research and travel London following up experts who claim amazing powers and ufo experiencers. It's not about working, it's about paying the bills. And if you can pay the bills without a job then you lot (you know who you are) should be worshipping me and others like me, not vice versa as you believe. Who's the mug here, you lot working 40+ hours a week with a mortgage hanging over you or me wondering what to do with all my free time?

Maybe the nasty face of jealousy has arisen...

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