Saturday, March 22, 2008

To all readers this applies to

Interesting. I have to go over the last comments individually here as so much was raised.

Firstly I am relieved people still come here, when I added the counter I had 50 hits a day for almost a year. Then through no fault of my own blogger disabled profile links for a year and the place went down the toilet. Since they returned it's been very slow to recover.

It is interesting, however accurate the observations, how some people (and thank goodness a vocal minority) feel drawn to judge anyone not like them, and under the cowardly cover of anonymity. The old rule 'if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all' is as foreign to them as Australia is to me. But they also clearly haven't the balls to write about their own lives but use others who do to make them feel better about theirs.

This site was created as one of the rare free gifts in the world. Most others have paid upgrades, spyware or other unwanted catches, but blogger has none and never has. So I take full advantage of it, no posting limits, no regulation. How much better could it be? So feel free to observe people's lives who have gone in a totally different (but probably no worse and possibly a lot better) way to your own but just think, how would I feel if I was in the same position?


chinky1234 said...

David, please don't mind all that mindless drivel all the others are sprouting out. I've been reading and loving your blog quite a lot of times in the last few months and though I haven't commented, I just had to defend you from all those retards who don't have a life.

Your blog is still as fascinating and as interesting as you. If anybody doesn't like it, they have every right to FUCK OFF..


David said...

Thanks Angi, good to see you still around. I'm also wondering how 3 people all posted similar trash at once as anon, maybe they thought it would look more impressive if one person tried to look like a crowd.
Hope you're doing ok, work and pleasure,