Thursday, March 20, 2008

What a week (and it's only Wednesday)

Am I on the verge of insanity? Talking to myself (this is no different) is my last resort, if the cat's here it seems OK as there's a recipient who does listen although she barely understands. And the viewing figures here are worrying now as well, although they are higher than the corresponding comments.

So, nothing's happened full stop. I make my own news and have a list of jobs I'd rather not do and are mainly for following rules and regulations, not choice. Plus people I don't want to see really if I contact them. That has kept me to taking photos and doing housework this week and really aren't sure whether the newspaper article will be used now although it's a whole week's feature. Without that I have my minor projects, a TV programme that's a spark in the mind of the producer at the moment, seeing myself on a DVD if it ever gets here, and meeting a few new people I do want to. Plus one I have met already. Those are the possibles but only the newspaper and woman will make much difference, plus one other person. I have a huge collection of pretty good photos now, and one job is taking the albums to a local shop to try and sell plus more to the library. Then the next album is ready to create, in fact probably the next two as one is a different theme.

So tomorrow has got me to the point of having little else to do besides this job which will be good if works, even though they do sale or return and even a sale is at cost price as I pay retail already, my work is being seen. They're in two places so far and do get good feedback the rare times I get any. I can only plan ahead a day at a time as it takes all my resources to get enough for one day before I do the next. That's good as it's living in the present, although the lack of good news is not making it the quality it could be. I've had no work for 2 weeks but don't mind, although one person is pissing me around majorly and that is unfair. Beyond the call of duty. I've done little bits of tidying although how larger items like trousers and filofaxes can vanish along with smaller like pens I'll never know. The five people here on New Year's Eve were honest enough when my Parker vanished although I was warned one was not what she seems. I hope she didn't take it and still can't imagine what else could have happened to it. Not a personal favourite but a Parker is a Parker.

Other than that next month the results come out of the photo competition I entered but have slightly more chance getting in the finals than I would in the lottery. There are more articles coming out where top scientists are slowly beginning to stand up against the global warming con, and they all go in my file and website. Think about it, a few more parts per million of a natural and essential gas causing slightly higher temperatures like we had thousands of years ago is not something to get worried or excited about. But it provides a fantastic excuse to tax us and persecute third world economies who are catching us up. And divert us from real issues we could do something about. Even in Darfur and Rwanda before it the UN keep their distance as they wouldn't dare touch their fellow Muslims when they are ripping people's heads off. No, far more important to stop westerners using their cars and stop us throwing away our toxic rubbish for two weeks. Those are real policies compared with saving lives where they might get hurt and suffer in trying to do so. Like the police, always go for the easy targets.

So, after 20-30 years the world has become a really nasty place. When I remember the relative innocence of the 60s and 70s where you had the bad guys (Russia, Cuba, Vietnam etc) and the good guys (everyone else) we knew where we stood. A few politicians were crooked and lost their careers as a result. Now it comes with the job. Not to mention the overpopulation which is the real cause of oil and resource shortages. Will they do a thing to stop that? The hell they will. Only China tried to keep their population down and were widely condemned for doing the only sensible thing they've done in my lifetime. Sometimes the truth hurts and for some reason I am more aware of it than most. My gift and my burden. But truth is the most powerful thing there is, but means the liars will try and get you silenced and their victims will believe it's you and not them who are lying. But you can't pretend you're not pregnant for long and you can't pretend the world climate is going down the toilet either when after so many years nothing happens.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for about 2 years off and on, and I have just one comment:

Don't you ever get tired of writing, when no posts any comments back to you for feedback? I mean really? It is the same old same old in your blog. From the sound of it, you don't get out much except to take photos, and it sounds like you are a quack, as you talk about odd, funky stuff. Do you even work? I mean work in the real world and not your fantasy Alien shit? I mean have you ever thought of doing anything worthwhile with you boring life?

Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk, not letting your comments be seen eh?

Ah, well really can't blame you mate, as other would think you are quite possibly off the old rocker.

I mean I have been reading your blog for 2 years now and no offense, but mate do you work outside the house? With other things besides alien abductees? Get real if you think anyone did set-up with that! Also, do you have an actual license for phsycology? Because I am beginning to doubt that you really have one. I mean bugger all mate, what the hell is normal about you? Do you mind sharing? Or is it a big dark secret?

Anonymous said...

I demnd 2 no Y u tosted me? Tell me NOW!

David said...

The fact you've been reading for 2 years says more than the other details I'd say.

Whether I work or not shouldn't make any difference, and any I do is confidential so not for here.

As for my life, if you grow some wisdom in that judgemental being of yours you will learn we really do not choose many of our circumstances, they choose us. No matter where we aim it needn't take us there. I can only write about reality or I may as well just write a novel which is not what I do.

David said...

I wonder why you wrote two similar comments but never mind, I'll answer these two:

"Tsk, tsk, not letting your comments be seen eh?"

What comments?

"Also, do you have an actual license for phsycology?"

We don't need one here but I'm as qualified as it's possible to get, but as a psychotherapist.

David said...

"I demnd 2 no Y u tosted me? Tell me NOW!"

Firstly if you're anonymous how the fuck am I supposed to know who you are, but I have only toasted about two people in 4 years and that was some time ago.
Secondly if your typing is that abysmal I doubt you'd have lasted there more than a few hours anyway.