Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Makes a change

Oh christ on a bike... Big Brother's on TV in advance now, from America. Total crap but means I have to stop it taking over my life again. One which, through living 20 minutes from the house, has overlapped somewhat with my own in the last few years.

Anyway. My first year at college was spent training to be an accountant. Although I switched due to lack of technical ability, my desire to organise and represent everything in life remains. My current week is very much a debit and credit list. On the debit side not one of my media projects is in contact with me so I have no idea if they'll happen next week, next month or not at all. I have now reached the stage where they literally may lead to fame so bloody important ones now. I also found someone who paid me compliments way over the top of reality finally told me what a cunt she's thought I was for some time (my paraphrase, hers was worse!), which came as no surprise, the only surprise was that she kept coming back for more before she finally cracked. Big deal.

On the plus side I got both my mail orders from abroad today and now have two little model rabbis on my windowsill. I've got a book from the 70s probably arriving tomorrow as well I used to read constantly at school but never bought, although I bought another in the series. They probably cost the equivalent of £20 each at the time so probably explains why I could only stretch to one. I have pretty little to do this week so far, business or pleasure, but always make the most of the freedom whatever the potential. I'm planning a tour of the cafes that have sprung up in the local parks, although I recently gained 2 inches round my waist. Being underemployed and single means you have to make the best of very little for a very long time.

In the month or two since I did my newspaper interview I've kept extremely busy and forced myself to compensate for having no hope besides a single issue, which is competely tragic. No newspaper but my life has been dragged into near normality by sheer effort and making something out of very little things like riding the bike and shopping in Golders Green. The small collection of old TV videos I've also picked up along the way has helped, so they are no longer distant memories but available at any time, and whole episodes unlike Youtube. In the 31/2 years since I started here few posts have been positive, and probably with good reason at the time. So today is, although fairly neutral I am trying to be the balance between neutral and positive. Just shows what's possible. I just hope a few people read it here to find out.

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