Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Filling the space

The obvious subject is what I've been doing but it is such a routine I ought to just say 'see last week' etc. The details of what I'm now doing will sound so trivial I may as well pass over them and see what else can be extracted from a mind which has been emptied of material over the period of writing here, and has apparently not changed, at least not from this side. Not that anyone else does very often, but I do work on it for various reasons and for the critics who would like to see changes will add these are for how I feel, not for how it is presented to others. That suits me fine and people who don't like it just don't like me.

I've been reading more channeled material now I've got the website, and sadly how both the readers and producer of this and nearly all other channeling I've read don't spot they are actually saying nothing new and often nothing at all I'll never know. Having said that the only exceptions so far are my own alien abductees as they give solid facts I can check up, and I was asked to have a go myself which seemed to work. But they all say the opposite of the popular contacts, that they will not be revealing themselves or anything else in the near future, and that does correspond with reality.

On the other hand we have our intuition, which tells us things we know are true with little evidence, and often discover are when evidence arrives. That of course improves with practice and although for instance the contrary data on global warming is arriving regularly I could sense it was all a scam very quickly before this did. It always works for evil people as well, two I picked lied, stole and cheated it turned out, before and after I met them. The second, an associate of the first, struck me as pure filth the minute I met him and my friend who did know him confirmed it. Luckily I have recently been able to use it for good as well, and done the same very quickly for a few very special people and as far as I know am correct. It's harder to confirm a positive than a negative as it's easier to let people down when you start off good. I should know, there is a growing line of examples.
On the other hand, taking my core teachings (advaita), all this is within the duality and only a part of a game or dream once you merge with all that is. Till then it's very real so I may as well keep writing about it. But my own intuition now tells me the teaching is correct so can see the activity is something on the surface of what is very peaceful underneath. That escapes polarity, feeling happy or sad is temporary and swings quickly or slowly whatever we do. The singularity, the constant peace behind it, is the place us students aim for, for the obvious reason is it has to be better than the alternative.
I did have to take this on trust for a long time, and technically still do, as I've never felt it, but can now recognise it in some others so am beginning to relate to it indirectly. It has shifted from a mystery only told by others to something I can sense. Progress I hope.

So within the existing duality the routine continues, reminding me very much of the dire period between O and A levels when I was free and alone, so the freedom was almost totally wasted on me. And back then at 16 I didn't have the resources and ideas I have now so was even worse. But not having a clue when it will change is the worst part, as it's like the sun hasn't come out for ages and maybe never will again. I do the starts but others do the finishes, and many come all from outside as well rather than me having any part in making them happen. I've analysed it in every way I can and can see no other conclusion.

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