Sunday, November 09, 2008

Not quite lost for words

Looking back on the week it was really the next of many of keeping busy. I keep busy but get nothing really. More photos, more messages left and not a single reply. I suppose I can keep this routine up indefinitely, but is only filling time. And it only takes one person to fix it. I keep being reminded that of course you can't rely on the world outside for anything, which forced me on the spiritual path, but there is a long, possible never ending overlap between starting it and being it, and in that time of course you know the nature of the outside world but are still affected by it. Not a good formula.

I don't really dare to mention plans for next week as it may make people feel the same as it does actually being there. I found the London Bus group is waiting for a bus near me I didn't have or even know existed, so will be waiting around, probably in the rain, in Wembley until either I see it or get fed up. When all else runs out I'll be checking up on my little business items that have been hanging around for a while, and that is probably all. How ever person I've contacted hasn't replied has just added to the general lack of any interest, and will probably be scraping even further in the barrel when I think of some more poor sods who thought they'd never hear from me again. They do it to me though so only fair to keep the chain going. I am told you lose touch with people for good reasons but I have little else to keep me occupied.

Well I am sorry to bear the sort of depressing news again but only reporting what actually is. Seeing Harrow on the Hill station again after nearly 20 years was a little reunion with my past, but when that's the most interesting event in a week or more then I repeat my last apology. I did also have to listen to reports of my grandma's out of control bladder, including the usual times and places. OK, it's probably the nearest thing she has to excitement at her time of life, but had she been 30 years younger I'm sure she'd still have told us. I suppose in a way I take after her, except I can edit out a certain layer of minutiae below that which not a soul would want to hear.

I also see the world, at least this quarter, apparently settling down after the banks were baled out and Obama got in. That's a slow fuse I suspect, as unless America has suddenly decided to swing to the left they may not realise what they've let themselves in for. If they go wet the world won't stand a chance. All the savers are now earning almost sod all now interest rates are sending many retired people into poverty. That shows the priorities of politicians worldwide. Look after the plebs and they will look after you. Sod those few who worked and saved and now need that money, favour the young and stupid who have borrowed far too much and then let them do it all over again by making it easy. Bastards.
I also discovered (not reported by our lot) that Alaskan glaciers are growing after 200 years of retreat. 200 years means they started reducing before the industrial revolution, and it's hard to grow if the temperatures are increasing. And that data is straight from the USGS who make the official data rather than people I always hear condemned as not part of some scientific mafia.

Therefore we now have the IPCC who have admitted global warming itself stopped in 1998, higher temperatures do not cause more extreme weather (how often do you hear that reported on the BBC?) and now the first official admission some glaciers are growing (as we all knew already if we looked elsewhere). How many nails will it take in this coffin to finally contain and bury this awful deception that has robbed people worldwide of money and international aid as taxes have increased and being spent on climate change and nuclear power (which unlike carbon dioxide and warmer weather does not hurt anyone...). You see the picture forming? How many more of these items it will take before a) the BBC report it and b) some big shots start to doubt it matters and start to leave the cause I cannot say, but the truth is a big elephant and all the nothing in the world can't build or hide a real one. Telling people they may be in danger in 50 or more years is the sort of quasi hypnosis even Jade Goody should be able to resist, but apparently most of the world's leaders have convinced enough people this is true they are willingly offering not just their extra taxes but a little more for charity if they can manage it. Like the perfect murder, except it's a lot easier to see through this given enough time. I can only hope.

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