Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where's heaven?

Well I've managed to keep on my travels, driven by the desire to collect, this time bus numbers. Not my idea but a logical one to get a photo of them all. After 3 years on the road with a digital camera and no holidays or interest in them I need places to keep taking them. I got a good bunch today anyway so used the short period of time the light was there when I could.

I was also sent a link to 'The Australian' newspaper, that mentioned back in March that NASA discovered water vapour reduces as CO2 increases, cancelling out its effects. That got reported and responded to widely didn't it. My arse. Yet again it's me and anyone who can be bothered to join me who will be reporting this. Can you imagine the left wing Arab loving BBC announcing this on the 10 O'Clock news as a headline? "NASA discover CO2 in the atmosphere is cancelled by falling water vapour?". The fact it's true and fucks up the total basis of man made emissions causing global warming (which stopped in 1998, much to the confusion of the green lobby who predicted a steady rise in response to CO2 rises). That was dismissed by other sites who showed both CO2 responds to warming rather than causing it, and the levels we have are not able to trap heat either. Now we can prove it.

Faced by contrary evidence how many scientists accept the new findings? We will see.

Besides that little bombshell that was hidden from us until I was lucky enough to find it life is more or less usual as it has been. No events, no results and no changes. Now the only exception is my dreams. Everything happens there. There are no limits on good or bad of course, especially as all damage is reversible on waking, but the massive swings to the good side show something that has only entered any of our lives fleetingly. I meet all the people I need to meet, events happen the way they should, and I suppose it's basically saying I am being given glimpses of heaven. If there was a consistent place like that then it would be well worth the effort to get there, but even the fact we are allowed to visit in dreams means it's not reserved for the dead.
Elements do cross over into life but the dreadful but accurate term 'grace' describes the random times when they do, so the spiritual path is the single planned indirect way to heaven on earth. I stop short of joining the new online ashram as I believe my current path is adequate and spending time chanting and other nonsense may well do the job as well but by far from the only one.

I also believe (and I was there) that the hippy movement hooked into this, however they got there. That's where my roots remain and why they do. The art alone shows levels beyond any before them, and nothing like it since. Peter Max is a good place to start if you want some examples. I can describe most elements of this level very simply, and none are a surprise, combine the right environment with the right people, tweak a few of the edges and give them a few extras and you're nearly there already. It was described by myself, and confirmed in 'The Secret Garden' as 'magic', which is the element of life where it crosses to heaven. Once you've recognised this you are generally reminded of its absence from your life, which makes for a constant level of dissatisfaction. And it would be a surprise if not. We gravitate to pleasure so when all we have is the memory of it something objects. And you can't go and look for it, it comes and goes, all you can do is meditate and hope.

I have a free week ahead so far, I hope the magic comes in as a result.


diver said...

I guess those dreams could be glimpses of heaven. I tend to think of my own as simply unrealised fears (=bad dreams) and unrealised hopes (good dreams). Those hippy times were great weren't they. I think I'll go look at Peter Max pics, thanks.

diver said...
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