Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Filling time

I've reached another of those points where I have the time but few ideas to fill it. The time either side of work today was fairly well used, I became proactive with the newspapers, summarising my previous interviews and sending them one by one to every local paper in the country until one is used. As two already showed an interest I'm hoping to make it before 100.

Otherwise I am not any closer to any of my major ambitions, no more replies and one woman I would sell one of my testicles for to use the other on her is married. Not that she wanted me when she wasn't, but maybe time has mellowed her. It certainly has as a person if not her opinion of me. So when in doubt I blog. The comments are not like the old days (and one aspect of that is good if anyone remembers) but the hits are up so know someone's reading it all. Most of the people I was linked to have deleted themselves (and probably didn't save it) which always looks odd to me. If you work on something and get bored, don't destroy it. None deserved destruction and if you aren't going to add to it new people can still read it sometimes.
I've run out of stuff to do now. No more sign trips besides one or two at the weekend down south. But London (besides the far corner) is complete. As each county chooses when they remove the old signs London had so many it ended up with the most, half the surrounding counties lost all theirs long ago. Besides Surrey the handful elsewhere are nearly all known and found now and need a new project now this one is over except the missing red triangle sign.

So I now rely on either inspiration or other people. Neither are controlled by me, and just come when they feel like it. When I've got a day off and nowhere to go and little on TV I run out of steam about 9pm as I have now, and even something I've been waiting for since last night hasn't arrived yet to break the boredom. And the devil can make work, as I start gossiping when bored and like most people have various fascinating facts I'd get shot for if I was caught sharing them, but it does liven things up when you do. Sharing that is, not getting shot. I lost one particularly incriminating link with the old computer I can't get back and would give some laughs to another generation who hadn't yet seen it.

I will go for a walk soon, I haven't been out of the house today but needed a break. And I just heard the inevitable on the news, Obama is raising new carbon taxes. Once the US gets the bug the world has had it. So far they were the final oasis of sense but the Democrats are on the side of the devil on that area and as Al Gore missed out as president Obama has kindly inherited his bullshit which was simply saved for 8 years. While Gore spread it worldwide as not president and they are finally catching up with the rest of the victims. I hope the Americans don't take it like a girl and fight back when they realise they are being robbed. They argued (pointlessly) against rising petrol prices when they were paying the least in the civilised world, and if they vote in the devil they should expect the devil's policies. No doubt Obama has a selection of decent ideas like many of them do, but if he wants to turn the US into a ploughed field with no electricity or motorised transport he will not get very far in the country that taught the rest of the world how to live.

So now I understand people's fear for their families blinds them to the absence of global warming but that is the reason to look and see what is there and see past it. No, warmer temperatures can't hurt anyone. The extremes will but they always have, but more die from the cold than the heat. The sea level rises so slowly it may as well not rise at all, it won't do anything for centuries if it even keeps going. There's literally nothing happening and CO2 is a vital gas for all life besides harmful bacteria. That says a lot really. Remember the demonisation of the Jews? Of course many people keep that one going but there's no basis otherwise we really would own and run the world. It's the same with CO2 and equally ludicrous. It's a fraction of a percent of the air and we contribute about 3%. And that can fuck up the climate? For god's sake! If a student wrote that as an essay they'd be kicked out and sent to the counsellor. But if Roger Revelle, Al Gore and the IPCC say so people chuck money at them. We are in a sick period of ruling, from having our pockets picked by the bankers, which came to light about 10 years too late to save anyone, and no doubt the same thing will happen in a few years when the climate stubbornly refuses to change and they'll have to change the term to 'climate instability' although right now it's going through a stable period.

If anyone offered you a business deal under those terms you'd laugh them out of the office with a boot up the arse for help. You observe in science, prediction is for fortune tellers. The more people wake up to that the fewer will listen to the evil crap they tell us daily to take our money. It's not a theory now, carbon taxes are the first level of a mechanism that will send us all (except the leaders of the system) back to medieval times. Like the Soviet Union, all but the few will be living like animals while they have everything else. For every person who stops believing in the bogeyman one less weight will be on the side of the crooks. Until the tipping point is reached where not enough people trust it for them to keep going, and they'll quietly retire, invest their money and bugger off. We won't get it back but they won't be able to take any more. And it's purely down to each person's belief. One mind to be freed at a time, it's not that hard to do if you check up for yourself.

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