Saturday, March 07, 2009

Learning from experience

Well the good news (nice for a change) is the old psychic powers are back and better than before. I get a brown (government) agency every month or two, and had no reason to expect one, and as I walked downstairs this morning felt there was one on the mat. My old abilities were similar in picking up post and other bad news before I got home, or if it arrived knew what was in it. But picking up an exact item regardless is beyond anything I've done before so was very impressed when there it was exactly as I saw it, on the middle of the mat, when I came down. And it was a copy of one they sent last week so definitely not expected and not bad either so have spread beyond the negative.

Besides that I am getting back to life off the road. I've done sign trips more or less daily since late November, and my London map is coloured in now more or less. Only trips on the way elsewhere now for odd roads parallel to others I go on. I've walked in the park with the camera, done the local shops, and am getting back into life around Kingsbury after doing a 20 mile circle plus other extras when needed. It'll save the car and the pocket but need another occupation now. All my projects are out of my hands now, but I think sign 1 is up for listing soon so a possible victory, possibly with two to follow. I also sent an email to 17 local papers about the campaign, hoping one will bite. As most are from the same few offices no more were required. So tomorrow looks like no further than Hendon and besides the maxim the time is irrelevant if the result is good, still have sod all to do until something else happens.

So having the freedom is a start but all these years of finding things to do alone are running out of new material. Hooking up with the old LB Barnet mental health care group is not better than that either, and I get nothing from the women involved except demands and aggravation. The best one has little to offer now as she has no interest in men at all. We spent 6 years travelling the country, she can't drive so we covered places like Winchester, Henley, Blackheath, High Wycombe, Crowthorne and Chorleywood, but I'm older and tireder and for no 'returns' have used up that particular seam. It's a shame as she is reasonable company and although not officially attractive turns me on. Total waste as per.

So the bottom line is nothing, minus some money. None of my plans could get me anything, no newspaper articles, signs preserved or put back, TV programme or any other dead or dying issues. Of course until you have something you have nothing, but I rank all my somethings and none yet are enough to make a difference besides getting the one missing sign I needed but incomplete. That is the best of all results so far and every higher ranked outcome also has a lower chance of happening. And an article about me in the Sussex advertiser isn't really going to propel my cause that far but will at least bring more enthusiasts out of the woodwork. The number of people I've had picking up train tickets, writing down car number plates and now spotting old road signs shows if people become aware of what is around them they start to take an interest. I also now have one of the biggest photographic collection (certainly online) of old road signs in the UK, despite coming in at the tail end. Many are the only ones online and could easily have not been recorded (like thousands before them) had I not taken them.
I learnt a lot, like we all miss some really big things by taking them for granted, and never trust anyone in authority, and that is called experience. You only trust anyone in authority after they've delivered, till then it's all words, at best.

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