Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A week of freedom and global lying.

Well well, Blogger was down for about half an hour and as I was about to give up it woke up. That very rarely happens actually. I hope I can remember what I was going to say now.
Well basically I appear (we never really know) to have plenty of freedom now, no local sign trips, one at the weekend and that's about it. I've done so many miles recently a rest is fine and can stay in and piss around for a while with no bad consequences. One more call needs making tomorrow but doubt it can get what I want as I'd checked the area given twice and too small to hide an old sign I suspect. But just in case. The one publisher who may be interested in my book isn't answering the phone, so may well be another victim.

Otherwise it's a mystery. I covered the signs already up to the Berkshire and Sussex border (only Surrey chose to keep their old signs) and besides Tottenham (three stations and doubt much else) one day in the week is clear. I expect the people at the various councils don't want people asking them to do things they consider illegal and probably impossible, but my research tells me the requests I have made are neither and just need someone who is on my side to help. I am now in passive mode, if anyone official calls then wonderful, if not then I have done my part.
I have learnt also that my intuition about people is to be relied on, you see a flaw or a virtue and it comes to the surface or grows sooner or later. I also try and teach the few real sods I do have to mix with quietly in case even one can see the light. It's like playing Jesus but if he managed it (enough people think he did) we all can, and he taught that as well. Meanwhile while I thought the antichrist was Al Gore, we must remember the devil does not come out in the open but hides behind a curtain of good behaviour. Then he slips the shit in and most people miss it.

Barack Hussain Obama is my new candidate, he has just pledged to attack every human in his country by attacking CO2 emissions he knows better than me are harmless. I saw it coming and he didn't take long to show his real self. The senate committee blew the whole lot out of the water in 2007 and despite this he ignored their own findings and ploughed ahead to fill the gap stolen by the banks with our money for carbon taxes. I won't use the C word twice in a year (I promised not to) but what a C. I couldn't vote for him (we have Gordon Brown I wouldn't vote for) and would never have had I been able to either. Watch how he'll gradually crap over every poor and middle class person in The States for the next 4 years while the rich get looked after. Oh, and he's called a Democrat. Just bear in mind I am using intuition and within weeks he proved my first theory right. I can't see Biden making a big deal on the climate just as Bush tried to leave it alone.

Now every statement made by the climate lobby can be beaten by raw facts. And science begins with observation, not prediction. You can't rely on predictions unless they can be repeated and anyone who bases their case on them clearly has no case. And the Earth can warm up a lot with no more consequences than any other climate besides an ice age which we all know is harmful for most. Like we could change it either way. One figure he carefully skirted was the discovery doubling CO2 would still barely effect the climate, let alone the 0.6 degree increase the IPCC figures yielded for the century when every other expert ran the figures they used. Don't let liars run your life, check their lies. We have the internet now where honest experts can post the findings the media avoid. And when people criticised my earlier sources (a technique perfected by the Nazis by the way) my latest is from a Senate Committee. Beat that Al.


Anonymous said...

Bob the Builder Obama is a Socialist. We should all remember this. Democracy has nothing to do with it. Socialists do NOT know how to be democratic. They are the biggest tax makers of all political parties and although they seem to be giving out to the poor and needy they have a taxation system which actually hits the poor and needy hardest. With all the stupid taxes being invented in the name of Global Warming, or as we must now call it Climate Change (The climate never changed until socialists and the Greens invented it), it is the poor and needy who in the end pay indirect taxes by higher prices, having to loose jobs because the goods are made cheaper in Asian etc countries and imported because of Free Trade agreements and hey look at the added costs to our food, housing etc because of extra 'safe guards' to stop Climate Change. Potatoes now have to be sprayed when dug up to prevent the toxic chemicals they were already sprayed with from leaching into the soil and also into our bodies and then they are washed to remove the soil and that prevented spray off. Carrots and other root crops, also fruit are done the same thing. There are so many chemicals now used in growing our food and then cleaning such off before we eat it that the quality of the food is a lot less nutritious than it was 50 years ago and all this in the name of better living and to ensure that Climate Change does not happen. Oh and all these chemicals are taxed. Councils don't give a stuff about clarity of road signs any more and soon there will be no need for them as not only do all cars and motor bikes and people use Global Positioning Systems but some folks use them on bloody bikes. So we all know where we are and how to get from Little Snoring On the Marsh to Tiddle Park where Aunty Flo lives without the need to look at all those cluttering distractions called road signs when as we drive all we want to do is talk on the mobile phone or listen to some metal music on the iPod. As for books who the hell needs books when you can get all the information you need on Wikipedia. Have you looked up road signs on Wikipedia? Newspapers finished years ago when Rupert Murdock took control of world-wide newspapers and as for television David Attenborough was on that many times each week the only other programme was Big Brother so perving at animals and people became the normal viewing and bored people so they switched off the televisions. Now using the computer internet means being bombarded by 1,000 adverts an hour so they are becoming the big switch off. Life is so wonderful under Socialism.

David said...

It's incredible how bleedin' obvious all this is to some, and others seem blinded by their own naivety to believe in Santa, honest politicians and global warming. At least someone delivered my christmas presents, so had a little evidence.
But as the world stopped warming in 1998 (and even that was from natural causes and peaked from el nino) there is actually more evidence for Santa than global warming yet people swallow every piece of garbage the IPCC generate as if they actually know something.

In fact the IPCC is a political offshoot of the highly corrupt and functionless UN and only peruse data they commission others to find for them, and they are not scientists. I expect each member to make a few million as a result of their dangerous nonsense, as Al Gore has from his carbon trading. Forget worthless Fiat currencies, even gold, when you can magic cash from the air, literally. The guy is a genius but should be put away before he causes any more harm.

Anonymous said...

How refreshing to see someone call Obama out for who and what he really is. I am so sick and tired of all the fucking pandering going on here I could literally puke! Excuse the language, but I have to live in the midst of this and listened for months on end of the coming of the next Messiah, bull is all that was, is, and it will only continue to get worse as his charisma grows. People are SO ignorant they look only at what he represents on the outside, which is a change for the better because it is high time a black man held that office, but please, someone tell me why being black makes you a saviour?!
Obama himself knows that is not the case! The very structure of this country is going beyond downhill and when I read of his proposed taxing of carbon emission and the rest of Gore's insanity being proferred again in a different box with a prettier bow, I wanted to run for the hills.

Unfortunately, that would require too much gas to accomplish, I would need to harvest and burn wood for heat and cooking which would cause air pollution (something done for centuries, but now vile and corrupt, unless you're filthy rich and you live in the hills of California in a mansion - then it is chique and 'living green', don't you know), and I would have to pay a higher licensing fee on my vehicle for living in an outlying area.

David said...

Well said indeed! I'm an outsider and the more I saw of Obama the more I saw Tony Blair walking on water. No bloody thanks! You have now joined the band of world socialists, and as leader of the most powerful country in the world he could do the same for you and everyone who is affected than Blair did for us.

I don't think there's anywhere left with any power who hasn't been caught by this bug, if all the G8 countries are singing from the same sheet, does it make you wonder if someone else has written the words for them all? The very existence of the damning data contradicting every word of global warming shows the corruption of those that continue with the policies, and he has quickly showed himself up as no more than a liar, and a bloody big one at that. At least you had 8 years to spare had Al Gore got in, you'd all be trotting around on horses like the Amish by now.

I hope to god the world comes to its senses before it's too late. The threat is not from carbon but from those who wish to wreck our lives.