Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The flow continues

I can say the system is still working, the business issue is taken care of and the rest can follow. Still even getting more old signs, and with Google streetview saved hundreds of car miles looking online, finding one more after the 4th day of eliminating roads. Now I've got another trip over the river at night but can't cut corners (pun intended).
Other than that free, gardening to do and that's about it. Plenty of jobs done last week, shopping, got a photo back from a video of an old sign that crept in unnoticed and now needs cleaning up to get it in focus. That's with a friend who knows how and hope it can be done.

My old road sign from Ebay is on its way and may clean up as a previously unknown flat version rather than cast iron. But a lot cheaper than others I've come across. No one else has replied from the council or the media (TV and papers) but they can fuck themselves. If they end up delivering it will be nice but am no longer caring what any twat in authority does for the rest of my life. I'm not their playthings however much they like to use us as one. When of course they're not playing with their own. I reckon if I was on a request, if it was a no of course you should say immediately, and if it's very complex and needs working on I'd send an email to say it was being taken care of. Not from these articles, half never reply at all and the others come back with yet more questions to incredibly simple requests. Almost impossible to implement but bloody easy to understand.

So I have stayed in the flow now since it began, and everything has arrived that has just as it was meant to. Of course there's a lot more that could happen but at least I'm no longer attached to that. And I'm completely mystified how I'll get another woman's attention after my standby met someone else after 24 years on and off (mainly on), as no others I met lasted long enough to drop her. I usually had one or two other reserves who were like eating pot noodles rather than a proper meal but pretty reliable in the same way. I met them in 1982, 1984 and 1987 so that period of my life when there was a reasonable supply, who I kept connected with for decades since is over by half a lifetime. The few since have come and gone (in all ways) very quickly, and any of the level I was actually interested in didn't often do anything before they buggered off either. But after decades of getting the sexual equivalent of rice and chick peas but regularly to literally nothing is something that needs to be remedied, but without resorting to payment for the first time ever, can't imagine what I can do.

But then again, if I'm in the flow, that has to include everything and should just turn up in the same way. If you're looking for something in particular you hardly ever find it, but often find something else. The more specific you are the less likely you are to get what you want to. So whatever comes the order doesn't matter and is in no way connected to the amount of work I put into it, besides the most basic scanning roads which is not complicated enough to require more than a blanket search.

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