Friday, March 13, 2009

A missing entry replaced?

I thought I wrote something the other day but it's not here. I have another blog but thought I did both but no matter. Basically (I said London had no signs left to find last time) I had a free night on Monday and searched 3421 London old sign photos. Half way through one popped up I hadn't seen and on the way found another and a third I knew about on a slight accidental detour as they had given a slightly wrong address and not where it was supposed to be. Very interesting.

So since then I've had no plans at all. But after that I trusted things seem to be taken care of, and although I've done nothing important since I've kept occupied and not actually wasted the free time. Nothing around me has really changed, the news is shite and my social life is even worse, but I have my interests and nothing stops them. I've scanned all my road photos back to 1969, and looked through all the others from 1950-80 of London as well. If there is indeed a new flow I am now going with it. Up till now all synchronicity was in the form of echoes, hearing the same word/phrase a few times, which is recognised and called the Baader-Meinhof effect. Interesting but useless beyond showing a background controller. But Monday followed all the influences described in Autobiography of a Yogi, from controlling thoughts and actions to timing. If it's happened now it should now mean I've crossed that line and is supposed to signify spiritual development.
In the logical side many of these phenomena exist at quantum level and they are now beginning to realise they are not limited there but affect us at all levels. We always knew but they couldn't prove it. Besides a bit of boredom and impatience nothing's actually gone wrong since then, and something really awful would have to to make me doubt the flow had now been entered.

Every attempt I have made has been forgotten like a lottery ticket (had I the lack of IQ to buy them), as if you have nothing and ask for something you still have nothing so can only live with that. The attempts are currently for: (I have added the likely chances)

1) A book to be published of my sign photos (0.01%)
2) An article to be written about my old sign campaign (50%)
3) An old sign to be put back (1%)
4) The location of an old sign to be discovered (50% although probably was removed)
5) An ex to get back on track, besides an 80 mile gap between us (5%)
6) Writing online crosswords (98% as I have already)
7) Get my final TV programme on (40%)
8) Bid for an old road sign (98%)
9) More old signs in Surrey (80%)
10) A national paper article (1%)

There are probably more but most wither on the vine besides the most likely ones, as they do for all, but when you consider most people's biggest ambition for pleasure is to get married and nearly everyone does, I've missed apparently one of the easiest. No idea why at all. I just heard a lovely single woman on the radio who wants a man, although probably Pakistani, and she had the same results as me for a long time except she was married first. Miles away from me and probably hostile to my ethnicity, and that sort of barrier has plagued every woman since I started looking. Even the hypothetical ones like her. But if my life is now being guided to success every old issue should be corrected. And it'll be about bloody time.

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