Thursday, July 30, 2009

Being myself

I was taught lateral thinking long ago, found I was pretty good at it but had to keep practising or I'd lose it. Exams and things took over and although I just remember the principals aren't even sure if I now use them naturally or forgotten how to apply it entirely. It is bloody useful though if you ever want to check it out. I do know if you do the opposite to normal it's one way to do it, and where your actions lead maybe your fate follows. I will see.

It's still chores and to add to the phrase 'Hull, Hell and Halifax' I've got to add Hendon which was today's little anticlimax. I saw a shop with a rough location online that had something I needed and was it there? Was it bollocks. I've asked now and hope it wasn't taken years ago and now closed down as I suspect. My digital camera went funny on the dodgy video function since I dropped it, but at least hasn't affected the camera part I use most days. And I have a proper video camera but don't always carry it unlike the other.
So besides a potential booking on Tuesday my three fully free days are almost done with two of work ahead. And not all paid in case anyone's concerned about it. All I really did in that time was two photo trips and chores that needed to be done, but far from all of them. And with no grandma to go and see have not spoken to a single person in front of me besides in shops. But I'm so used to it I barely notice but wonder how many other people below 80 can say that?

Just for fun I've had two calls from Aktiv Data on my mobile supposedly trying to get hold of some debtor I've never heard of. They are all over the complaint websites and although it's easy to be given the wrong number or make a mistake as soon as I told them it was the wrong number they tried again a few days later. I'd say 50-50 on another but now I know who they are as I checked I am really going to wind them up if they do as I have plenty of spare time. I may give them the address of someone else who is owed one, or ask how they found me or whatever. If they want to waste my time and theirs I may as well get them to do it properly.
I am still collecting no-replies from messages to various people in authority. All I gained was enough material for a quite long article on authority and its abuse. The one thing I am thankful for is my qualifications make people read my articles before they decide whether to reject them or not. You do need some experience in the job besides being qualified and I'm now nearly 15 years into that so quite supplied with case histories to apply to my theories.

One reason I'm so crude and outspoken here is I'm not allowed to at work or was in my online work for 5 years. You have to let it out somewhere and my ex line manager there who taught me 80% of what I know about running websites showed me how to relax afterwards as well. I know if most people here met me they wouldn't expect the filth and rage I drop off here to be possible, but it's only ever used in writing unless someone attacks me directly. I'm a laid back hippy who likes nothing more than a very quiet life with as much sex as possible. I've fought, won and achieved and approaching 40 let alone 50 am ready to settle down like one of my furry pussycats and stay at home. Why the hell not as long as I can get a woman who wants to join me?
Further ambitions as reported already include benefits from my meditation, published work, more TV appearances, moving back to where I used to live and various others. None of which may happen of course, laterally or not.

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