Saturday, November 06, 2010

The end of the week (not world)

Unlike last week which was free and pretty hard to fill with any more than the basics I managed a bit more with the similar version this one. After getting a message asking where my promised article was almost a year ago I explained someone else had already used it and wrote two new ones now sent off as replacements once I'd though of something relevant. The spare room is nearly done, the bed is now usable and just a bit of junk left to remove. Otherwise the ex came round as usual on Tuesday and the woman with intentions of marriage yesterday, and in between did some random photo trips and walks as the weather was sunny and warm for November, and the usual shopping.

I've got a sign trip set up for Sunday and anything else remains to be seen. I could do with some more inspiration really- getting a positive on an article will definitely help, but in the short term really have little idea. It gets too dark for photos around 4 now till March, so that will be restricted but the housework benefits as a result although can only be so much of that. I've also been pretty tired since yesterday presumably from the late night catching up with me, as I can't think of any other reason. Presumably my age is showing which we can do little about however much we exercise. An interesting aspect about the new article is presumably by writing about enlightenment although the teachings are not mine if they actually help a single person then I have helped them just as much as an original teacher. Just a practical point.

Anyway, this week was way better than last, but when everything seems exactly the same when you've finished once you run out of ideas it is something of an anticlimax. That can't be lifted by thought or action but wears off sooner or later when you get busy the next day or so. Meanwhile if it takes a year or five if the US climate enquiry does a good job then the world will be off the hook. I am fully aware of a situation where maybe half the population are physically unable to be aware of simple logic as their emotions and trance state have blinded them to anything but the level of fear created by Al Gore. But one thing about hypnosis is it always wears off. I've seen a few scientists who have come round recently, and probably many people have but don't dare to say so as they get such a bollocking from the hard of thinking. But for how long can that last now- they've been caught making up acid ocean stories (it's alkaline) and if they get so carried away they can falsify simple data anyone can find then they are now about to lose it completely. Remember Acid Rain for instance, which Matt Ridley pointed out yesterday fooled him until he found the predictions (as all are) never came true. Two examples of scientists getting it so wrong they should be struck off. At their position they have far higher standards to maintain than everyone else.

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