Thursday, November 11, 2010

The week so far

Today was decided for me- I had to wait for the cleaner to arrive and with the hour's daylight remaining for photography the rain came down as soon as I left the house and went straight back in again. I've arranged a builder to give an estimate for the knackered roof at my late grandma's and caught up on some videos at last and although my latest article was turned down I've got two more in the system and as it's not going to be my first now is not such a big deal. If it's dry I'll get the little jobs I missed so far in the next couple of days and once done will just see what turns up, there's no inspiration or plans left ahead but as I can't plan more than the following day that's already allowed for.

Otherwise besides getting the bed made again in the spare room and a free glasses repair (no reason why not except they charged last time) it's business as usual. Similar routine and no surprises. I must still use the Abraham/similar methods, as you can't see if it works unless you have something to try it on. I hear someone's finally decided to sue Al Gore for fraud, except he probably isn't a victim either of crime or contract misrepresentation so despite having circumstantial evidence can't see a case forming. The forensic accounting and warrants alone would take years, especially as being prepared for all circumstances the money won't be in a safe marked 'loot' but hidden offshore and in many holding companies at a great distance from the man himself. And you can't subpoena the Caymans or Isle of Man where they make their money from secrecy banking. It would take more effort to find his tracks than they spend on investigating (read 'creating') the climate already but a worthy attempt. I won't make a lot of excitement or attention to it though.

I don't think I've actually wasted the week so far anyway- I did the Surrey trip a day late, sorted the spare room out and had my usual visitor yesterday, and will just have to see what's sucked into the current vacuum of interest while I keep on doing whatever is available. It's no longer about effort but efficiency, and got me this far as the effort was put in when I was young enough to have the energy.


Pilgurum said...

Find myself slowing down as well. I really didn't think it would happen so soon (55 yoa) but it has a lot to do with my job, kicking my ass on a regular basis. I've got my humble little studio about squared away but have little energy to spend in it. Wa, wa , wa, I must sound like quite a cry baby, but I believe it was Petula Clark that said, "It's my party and I cry if I want to!" Nope, wrong, Lesly Gore. Not much functional difference anyway. I bet both of those girls are plenty tired too!

David said...

How did your comment slip past I wonder- I get so few nowadays they normally shine out like a pisshole in the snow... Anyway, I'm 5 years younger and probably prefer the wisdom over the energy as I can't have both. I can always order others to make the physical effort but like to see most try and keep up with me on the argument side. I've had a lot of practice and half of that was from academic assignments. I've been to 10 countries and most of my own so found there's nothing there I can't find here anyhow.