Thursday, November 04, 2010

Who really knows?

A bit of a list today, mainly to remind myself. I have now written two articles for the second magazine both awaiting approval, so until I get the verdict will not know the future direction of my writing career. I was up till past 4am last night watching the US election result. As expected the Republicans won the lower house but not the senate, but at least should manage to block any crazy green laws for the next two years. I have as much freedom this week as last, and besides seeing the ex girlfriend both Tuesdays (it all counts) am left to my own devices and so far the two weeks mirror each other pretty much the same. I'm not bored so far though so that is the major difference.

Tomorrow and beyond is a totally open book. Besides some dubious old road signs in Surrey for the weekend nothing else is in the diary, I will probably take the bike for a photo of some houses I thought I'd taken years ago and probably have but can't find them, otherwise will just wait and see. Meanwhile I have found the first known official figures (for California) showing a stable temperature and falling sea levels by the NOAA. Some mistake surely? Or was everyone claiming this to be the case elsewhere now suddenly right somehow? They must be as the NOAA basically make the rules everyone else follows. The next question is will the press take this up or just hang about round here as usual and be forgotten about as a result.

I am also doing what every saint and lunatic has throughout history as something that can't do any harm, having little conversations with God directly as so many books I read recommend me to. Why not? I'm definitely clairvoyant and do receive plenty of random information asleep and awake so if I can start communicating with the sources directly whoever they are I should make a trickle into a strong flow. The old 'shortage mentality' where you think 'surely I don't deserve to succeed on anything so important without almost killing myself' only serves as a blockage to success in any field, in fact it's focused effort rather than force that succeeds and about knowledge rather than sheer strength. And remember there's no such thing as a big miracle, they are all the same so may as well ask for the most as it's no harder for a little one like when I wrote 'two years' the radio presenter also said it, than winning the lottery or shagging Patsy Kensit. Think big, hope big and expect big, and if you get big in return you'll soon get used to it it would come easily. I have seen it work at times but have to keep in the zone and not be put off by other crap which always happens around you, maybe not once you get close to enlightenment. I will have to see on that.


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Here in South Australia we have are now nearing the end of Spring (1st September to 30th November) which is proving to be one of the coldest on record. We started November with the LOWEST November temperature on record and the COLDEST November day for 16 years. many parts of the eastern side of Australia have had their WETTEST Springs on record and in many parts their coldest.
By looking at the activity of the Sun during those months and preceding months it is easy to see how the two are related as this has a major effect on the weather systems known as La Nina and La Nana which effect this part of the world.

David said...

I think a lot of people are aware of this but don't want to take any notice as it would wreck their whole reasons for being. Fear and pride go very deep, one got them in and the other is stopping them coming out, until it's done for them by a higher authority.