Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What could happen?

The rain has just stopped after almost a week so got out and took some photos after a gap not seen for years. I've got two video trips set up for the week now due to popular request, and make a change from photos where I'll have to fill in a few gaps I've missed rather than simply drive further and further into oblivion. And it'll be dark by the time I get anywhere more than 15 miles away anyway till March so won't be wasting my time. I've made a little list for the week and beyond, things inside like phone calls and others including pleasure and obligations like the eye test. At least I won't run out of things to do for a week or more. Now if I could think of anyone who could stay here now the spare room is available that'll help.

Other than that it's a mystery. One from two articles for a major magazine has been turned down, it'll be a month or two before I hear about the other but won't stop now. Of course although I have no one here so use the internet to replace it, I have to do things outside before I can come back and report them. Without real activity the internet won't replace it all. I use streetview to look for road signs and have travelled up to 30 miles to get the photos. I must keep remembering the Abraham-Hicks rules, I am avoiding slipping into crap more now at least, and if I can manifest anything positive I'd call that a true miracle.
Otherwise everything's been pretty quiet. Nothing either way really but if it's OK now then it doesn't really matter, just less to talk about. I will see tomorrow. England are playing a friendly Wednesday night so that's taken care of, the rest is possibly predictable.

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