Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ground to a halt?

Not much inspiration, I've been watching twitter to see the two standard reactions to the US election results on climate change, 'The first ever party to deny climate change!!!'. Yes, so fucking what? Meanwhile the rest are bleating on and on about imaginary man made disasters present and future bravely pressing on as if nothing's changed. What a poor bunch of lost souls they truly are.

I had to wait for my trip out to see the end of the British hopes in Formula 1 today, as soon as Lewis Hamilton started crashing that was him out, plus Jenson Button crept further and further behind during the season. Despite forecasts of rain I should make it tomorrow. One problem when you do achieve something is you expect it to keep happening. So when you get days when little or nothing happens you feel let down, plus wanting to read the end before you've got past the second chapter in case something decent may turn out is an automatic reaction when something begins with potential. That's short term like approval for my articles, and long term for the US climate investigations. Not that I believe they can find anything but very nasty dirt as that's all there is. George Soros, after legally crashing the pound and costing Britain billions in the 80s is now out to do it again worldwide, urging the UN on to create a world state in order to tax it out of existence, presumably getting a cut for his effort. And I was thinking Al Gore was behind this but clearly not working for his own purposes. Nasty nasty stuff indeed.

I'm quite happy to have free time ahead still, even if I do nothing (the dark afternoons allow little else) I won't have had too much stress which nowadays is a bonus in itself. Hopefully that will allow for the eye test and sort out the car service soon after. I hope for more and if I get any decent signs tomorrow will be a good start to the week. Where is the guidance now I wonder?

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