Monday, January 02, 2012

2011 roundup

Having thought of what I did last year basically it was my photo project, taking new photos for the mapping site as far and wide as possible. That was enough really in itself as got me to many places old and new I hadn't seen for ages where I had. I got a good number of old road signs as well, mainly found by other people or come across completely by chance. The news and politics slightly improved, with our Tory government finally doing something you'd expect from the party, vetoing the new EU treaty and attempting to halve solar panel subsidies but stopped from doing so in court. But at least they have begun some real changes from the London borough of Haringey style government we'd had for almost as long as I remember. That celebrates wrongness and is terrified of all personal freedom as being collectivist individual freedoms threaten the collective, make some people richer than others, and lets them spread information that could break individuals from the soviet style ranks. It's a very small step towards freedom and can only hope this year circumstances force greater changes as none will be made voluntarily.

Of course a year is only a number so can't assess anything on arbitrary criteria, but otherwise I seem to have been busier than I have for years, mainly as more of my energy is coming back, and if nothing else have started going out for tea and the odd cafe with friends again which was something I always used to, only avoiding restaurants, as I like to eat when I sit down and not approaching the next day. If I want to eat I don't intend to spend an unmeasurable time talking to people and then receive the meal at a random range of 5 minutes (Chinese restaurant, Surbiton) to 2 hours (Greek restaurant, Mill Hill, 18th birthday). Having a meal lottery to me is pretty much like being a hostage, and besides the Turkish places where they make it in front of you almost as soon as you order the others remain only acceptable if self service. I never liked pubs as it was like sitting in a working class person's lounge with the whole of the street turning up. Why would I want to do that? Now the handful of decent places near me are all blocks of flats or derelict/vacant lots, and the others which were just tolerable or not that local have become restaurants with a tiny pub area tucked away and prices three times higher than before. Waste of time there as well then.

Looking ahead, as I've pretty well exhausted behind, there is no specific plan or expectation ahead, I will keep writing, as one article was published in 2010 I know it can be done, and wrote a heap last year but no more success as yet. My prediction (based on the fact the whole thing has been planned from start to finish) is the Euro will be kept alive at all costs, as the EU can write the law to suit them and collect money in the same way. The value will fall as will cause greater inflation, but they don't care as long as they can still rule us without an election (who runs Greece and Italy now? EU bureacrats, the Greek leader and the entire Italian cabinet. One or two more to follow won't surprise me either, maybe Portugal and Spain when their debts keep growing. I have learnt enough about politics now to be able to see the big picture, and it's basically money moving around from taxes to the bankers and their friends, national laws being overridden by EU and UN regulations, and a small group of individuals making the same policies in all the countries who hold influence. No coincidence they've all chosen left wing Keynesian inflationary economics, low interest rates and devalued currency, regardless of the governments, as banks can borrow at almost zero and then gamble millions on a deal that makes a few thousand, but still higher than the interest they paid to borrow the money. Do that every day and you get an awful lot over a year.

Climategate 2 was the highlight of the year though, after the new IPCC report doubled the levels of uncertainty in the climate the big guns arrived and unlike the first had complete conversations about the inadequacy of modelling and how to hide information that didn't fit 'the cause'. Every other issue dealt with in this way would have produced a state investigation and suspension for all involved, but as this was carried out on behalf of the states who ordered the work to be done, they can't prosecute themselves. So nothing happened, but the world can now see clearly how little confidence the scientists really have in their data, as they are paid to produce it, not to believe it. And if that's how they run guess how all the other areas do. If nothing else the global warming machine has allowed me the material to learn and understand the big picture, a world mafia with an international secret committee and national branches plus the EU which is rooted and branched with the actual mafia itself and run the identical way. People who haven't worked it out don't want to know so pretty well can only learn for myself and let the facts come out on their own, as only facts can come out from under covers, not anything else.

My main daily blog is now on another site as blogger has pretty well dried up in the last couple of years. I had 50 hits a day when I first got the counter, now I'm lucky to get 10, most people I followed stopped posting and only had one person making comments this year from what I can remember. But as long as people still do visit I'll keep writing, and as this is my site I can say what I like unlike the other one. It's still a long way off but America will be having its IQ test later this year, Obama has managed to drag the country half way to the third world and as it has what I'd consider the most informed voters in the world and greatest freedom how could they vote for socialism? "Energy prices will be higher" he said on arrival, and he delivered. Who would announce and admit that before it happened? Most politicians intent on price rises would lie and then apologise profusely for world conditions (like Gordon Brown did) when it all went tits up. He actually said he was going to do it! Then he made CO2 a pollutant, dictionary definition 'a noxious substance in an unwanted place that ought to be removed', so go ahead Yannick, try and remove all the nasty CO2, it would kill everything except a few bacteria but at least the planet will be clean. To end the entry all I can say is 'What a cunt'.

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