Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter to an MP- how to fix politics.

I'm saving this for my own records so thought I may as well share it online:

 I do have a few suggestions totally going against the grain of every single western government who have collectively conspired to crash the economy in favour of the bankers and bureaucrats who profit. I am a law graduate and researched all this in great depth and these are the main changes as the tip of a greater iceberg.
Flat rate income tax: No one tries to avoid paying and injects real money back into the economy. Already in parts of Eastern Europe.
Realistic interest rates. QE and low rates encourage bulk trading and market manipulation on small profit margins on millions, and raises commodity prices. They also penalise everyone who has worked and saved for retirement.
Stop subsidising renewable energy. As yet it is at a development stage and could never work in a free market as is not yet able to replace conventional fuel.
Any subsidies should go to bring back home based manufacturing and possibly public transport. And if the money was there renationalise all the public services. You cannot compete with a single product, it can only create a cartel by default.
And finally I would suggest leaving the EU. In 1975 I campaigned outside Chelsea Town Hall saying whatever we voted for now would grow until it took over most of our laws. Nearly 40 years later I have been proved right.
Do one of these and the economy will improve, do them all and we'll catch up Germany, and be free to make our own laws. No government has broken the Keynesian model for decades now and the failure all around us is the result. That is not even taking a risk as we've seen the alternative.

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