Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Using our intuition. The satguru.

Today's lesson (a good one, pay attention). Robert Monroe describes out of body experiences where he's put in the same situation over and over again till he learns how to deal with it properly. No teaching or even hints, he's on his own and as it's like a dream he can fail over and over again with no loss. I am getting the same things. One problem repeats over and over again, and until I spit on it and turn away as it is not worth caring about I seem to get them constantly until I do it properly. This is teaching from the satguru. An outer guru says 'Here's a difficult situation, these are the best ways to deal with it'. The satguru just creates a situation and has no one to rely on except itself. Unlike an exam it gets endless tries, and if it takes hundreds of lifetimes (if you're a Buddhist anyway), no one will help you, it's your problem and it's assumed you have the resources completely already and just have to use trial and error till one works. Like having a lock and a million keys or numbers. They all look the same so we don't even have a clue which may be wrong or better, we just have to try them all and hope we get lucky.

The one clue is within, intuition. If we just ask ourselves given two choices which feels better, we get an answer. The more we do the clearer it is. So instead of turning every key or number we think of them and soon start to feel which may be better than the other, they still look the same but something above our senses tells us what we need to know. No need to know how or why, it's the highest level of knowing and doesn't need Einstein to tell us the mechanism to use it.

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