Monday, January 09, 2012

Conversations with god- update

Having returned to the books after a few years I have found the same words I read the first time now carry meaning, for whatever reason they didn't before, and can certainly some up the most recent message as it ought to explain the total of a spiritual existence.

It seems to answer all the questions but one (not a major one and I may have missed it), but basically says assuming (a big ask but only a thought experiment here) there is a god, then we can't be a separate unit as individuals, but blocked off our knowledge of god once we became aware of our own, and then have to return to discover whatever we have it's all one. So our knowledge, what I called the Akashic records till now, is simply god's mind itself. Same effect but more personalised. As is our awareness, as it's not my awareness but awareness itself. Become aware of that (they come as a joined pair) and you are enlightened.

Secondly, despite many teachers telling students to keep their psychic abilities secret, the book/god disagrees. We are all able to do this, and without sharing the handful who claim they can, they need to show others so we are free of our limits. It certainly makes sense to me.


So my mission now given this equation is not to imagine all this is from me (I have always known a few things without being shown or told) but have access to universal information. Of course the quality is secondary as I can't ever prove it, but know it better than anything else as it's from my own direct intuition. Sorting out the few nuggets from god in among the usual material is not easy, even harder is calling it up at all. But like the book, he opened his pad and wrote. The flow was quickly established and then became natural. So far I've only just got this system pretty much in total, and just starting out seeing how I can use it. I am planning to have a separate set of entries for these and just see what happens. I've got absolutely no idea what and how it'll work out, but has to contain more than usual.

So far beforehand I have been clearly aware of crooks and liars. Looking at any criminal investigation you can see how long it takes from experienced police realising someone is up to no good and collecting enough evidence to prosecute and get a conviction. I have enough for the world government/global warming conspiracy to get some people tried for treason, but as they are the people who make the laws then they will hardly prosecute themselves. That's the watertight system they've developed, which can only be freed by knowledge.

That mission has got me a few percent of new initiates and lots of insults. But at least if the truth ever comes out they can't say it surprised them as David Howard told them already. But where has it got me? It's got me reading books and doing meditation to extend my pretty rewardless ability to see through mass criminality to something a bit more helpful to my own life. I suppose it's all a game or a film of goodies and baddies and ultimately meaningless, but when I think of how much faster I could travel around if I could afford a big car with the money I'd save from cheaper petrol this criminality impacts on all our lives.

No doubt if I get one or two new answers now I'll get a rhythm going, as the book also says I'm not looking to become a master as those days are over, but to join them and create more as a result. Ultimately we're all headed to evolve to universal mind/awareness, and those who get there at the beginning will be the ones to bring more on board. As I am both aware of it and looking for it then by the fact hardly anyone else in the world is rules me in by default. If I'm looking then I'll be teaching if I find, and probably long before. I am actually using this as another way to open up the ability, as much learning comes about both through teaching and simply talking about the subject.

I've always had dreams which show me new things, from music to names and places, and designs of rooms and furniture not just me but anyone here has thought of. Of course someone has been sending me this information, and of course if all is connected then we can also home in on specific units as individuals and send to or collect from them as well. So far the quality and quantity has never grown or improved, which is odd as some of my psychic group can get complete lessons in dreams while the most I get are a few fragments. But dreams or not, I have potentially accepted the situation as there is more than enough evidence I've seen to imply this universal field is in existence regardless of our actual experiences before discovering it (and since). The simplest format would be questions and answers, but having tried that on paper ended up going round in circles as you would without any outside input. I'll know when I get something new, but at this early stage have absolutely no control over any results at all. But starting this hopefully may be one way to do so, I will see.


rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

I don't know which of the 100 or so assumed gods that you believe in and talk to but next time you talk to it will you ask it why is it causing global warming, we all know that the gods create and control the weather, cause droughts, floods etc as punishment etc and the gods cause earthquakes and even control what time you get out of bed etc. Also ask your god why do we people have to destroy things so that we live, kill animals and plants for food, clothing, shelter etc when the god, the great intelligent designer, who made us in its image, could have designed us to get all out energy from the sun. Also ask your god why do the gods need so many people on this planet? A million would have been more than enough. Also why is the need for the billions and billions of stars (suns) and billions of planets in the universe? Also why do the gods keep destroying things, stars (suns) colliding into each other, galaxies exploding etc? There are lots of questions that these gods should answer. When you next talk to your god ask it why do humans and all life on this planet suffer such terrible diseases etc, there we have it again one form of life killing another form of live. These gods are just nasty and here we have you talking to one of them. Looks like you have been brainwashed by the god you talk to.

David said...

The only god I referred to here was the book one, and if nothing else is a thought experiment, I'm not a preacher or a believer but am extremely curious.

The closest I can get to a personal god is in the word 'personal'- what do we know of god directly? Only we are alive and aware. Then after a number of years I learnt there were things I'd never experienced before but I already knew. Then I met people and could pick up what they were like within seconds.

In both cases I nearly always turned out to be right, as above taught material we can just tune in and know. My new post explains this pretty clearly, and also we needn't use our minds to try and analyse how it works as using our mind was exactly what couldn't do it alone.

All the problems you describe are real here, as again in my latest post it seems the rule is we are dropped on the planet with only our own intuition to guide us. We can guide others but as all on the same level pretty much the blind leading the blind. Get three good teachers who disagree and who do we follow? The one we feel is right.

So I don't try and understand the system as it's the same whether I understand it or not. But all I'm doing is to try and exploit it and make the best of it. Forget god, anyone who can do things science says they shouldn't means there's a lot more we can all do and that's our key to transcending all the crap we all know us surrounding us all.