Monday, January 09, 2012

Education, education, education

My knowledge of world economics, focusing on the EU as that is my location, has not unearthed any conspiracy theory, but a system which favours a handful and steals from the others to do so.
The whole affair is pretty well dictated by UN Agenda 21, dressed up for the environment but containing the mechanisms to bring down everyone's standard of living, and the population, while redistributing their wealth to the leaders and their friends and associates. This is now well into its stride and after the energy taxes we've been paying now for years (petrol would be 82p a litre without them for example, not 1.32p) food had to be next as if you keep them hungry and poor you can pretty well carry out anything else you like as they will be too weak and busy surviving to stop you.

I don't think it's ever too late to stop them. At the moment 99.9% of people aren't aware of these plans, and most who are reject them as a conspiracy. Our fuel taxes and renewable subsidies aren't a conspiracy, they're the 2008 Climate Change Act. VAT on food isn't a subsidy, it is an EU working document. A world currency is not a conspiracy, the plans are already drawn up by the UN. All this is already going through while people still worry about which Miliband brother should lead Labour. I don't want to get myself targeted, but that's a bit like worrying which pile of dog poop you want to tread in. Enough said. So while everyone's busy reading what the papers do want us to know and watching ice melt all day on the BBC (if you channel hop it's virtually possible 24/7) the plans are already some way to controlling us all not from the EU but the UN itself.

I have written a single article on this, virtually everything I say and a lot more is included, and not a single publication has touched it. I doubt all but one who asked to see it (and took no notice when it did) have even bothered to look as they must get heaps of this sort of stuff and only publish what their staff and their friends write, and see no need to write further on related topics as the direct plan to invent a problem of man made warming to create a world tax and currency pretty well covers all the smaller areas in itself. The banks being fed almost free money despite losing it all last time continues to sap the world's economy and prevent any recovery as they can still manipulate the market with ghost bids, short sell commodities they can't deliver if lost, lend five times more than the standard amount they should hold in deposits despite risking default if enough people cash their accounts, do not have to separate customers' money and their own for trading purposes, can still sell mortgages of 100%, etc etc., all held up by interest rates 5% below the market requirement, which mean anyone who has worked for decades can no longer pay all their bills on retirement as investments can't guarantee more than a few percent, well under inflation.

You can teach most people basic economics if they want to learn, my problem is not they can't follow all this, but no one wants to. That is how and why it is still happening. I actually believe just my single article (with maybe a page of the economics of market manipulation based on the structure of the mafia) is enough to show everyone that their governments are working for the same ends, pretty much the opposite of what they say they are doing, and as working on a majority vote the few honest dissenters are always cancelled out. So you don't need everyone to be dishonest, just those with the power to make policy. And people can't say they haven't noticed it now. Energy prices across the board have more than doubled regardless of wholesale prices. And if they manage to get VAT on food then everyone will pay 20% more for it overnight. That will drop Britain a good few places on the richest country list instantly as the power of the same income will be reduced accordingly so we will be drifting towards Poland and once the petrol taxes come in again in August maybe the Poles will start leaving and British people will head there to work instead. It's all relative and Britain is getting relatively poorer.

Some economic disasters are unavoidable, oil shortages, strikes and the like. But low interest rates and high taxes are not out of control outside events, they are policies. The same policies which caused he crash the last time and unchanged since. Who can spend your money better, you or the government? And they can't even spend it on railways and water pipes now as they don't own them. So besides the NHS and benefit payments, a huge amount of government spending vanished when they sold off the public services. And why train and bus fares are now the highest in the world. Those two alone should tell people all they need to know, but the Post Office will follow when they find a way to do it, and Air Traffic Control if they didn't do that already and I missed it. So basically we have the lightning strike, the act of god, and then the flood, and the differences are whether or not you can be insured for them as to the consequences. But the low interest rates and travel taxes are not acts of god, but had David Icke been right acts of the devil. Someone has chosen to impose these austerity measures on us all and actually make the vast majority of the population poorer. Of course the kickbacks to energy companies and EU mafiosi mop this excess cash up continuously, and like a tapeworm continue to collect a portion of our wealth and for all I know may even cause segments to come out in our shit. But these are all concrete planned methods to cause a worse economic problem for nearly everyone when they don't have to.

All prices are driven up by fuel costs so the money the government gain in the short term is lost in the long term as people simply have less to spend and the retailers net less overall as more has gone on energy. They then have to lay people off so more claim benefits and don't buy things and it just feeds on itself like cancer. House prices go up as interest rates are so low, so mean people spend more on them anyway as the principal is higher before the interest is added. O level maths, maybe even primary school if my own experience is anything to go by. If you add the sale price and total interest paid over the 25 years or whatever then a graph used by all mortgage brokers shows you the comparison between higher prices and lower interest rates. But when you come to buy it becomes obvious. And over 25 years throughout history interest rates pretty well even out from high to low, and probably still will over the same period ahead. But the selling price is fixed the day you buy it, and you pay interest on that so if it's higher then the total interest will be higher regardless of rates as it's 5% of a higher number for the term of the mortgage. Obvious when pointed out but missed by the wallies who spend £250,000 on a house at 5% when they may well not be able to cope when it hits 7% let alone 12. If they spent £200,000 at 7% or so they would pay more for the first few years, and then less and less as it is only a percentage of 200,000 and is just as likely to go down in the future whereas if you buy when low can only pay more ahead.

Governments know exactly who gains and loses from their policies, and as well as using fuel everyone has to live somewhere. So put house prices up even more by lowering interest rates then people will all be poorer. Except those who buy and sell them for a living. So 100% of people live somewhere, less those on the streets and the like, while a few percent are property developers or estate agents, who get a percentage for selling whether high or low, and valuers. So utilitarianism (benefitting the most people overall) is not part of modern politics. High house prices help a few groups of business people. High fuel prices help even fewer as the energy companies still have to buy everything affected by inflation including their own fuel. Only the top executives make so much they clear a massive profit, plus the oil sheiks, while everyone else can't. So high fuel prices hurt more people than any other policy, yet is the greatest source of revenue for the British government and increasing annually. It's just a shame maybe 100 people will read this hear than a million or more in a newspaper. I am ready.

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