Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Political correctness my arse

While I sit here the radio has police saying certain departments don't have enough diversity, and the presenter calling a London suburb a racist area.

English and logic seem to have left the entire country nowadays. Firstly, diversity is not a virtue, quality is. You don't want a random mixture of anything, but the best, or at least what you want. If you buy a box of strawberry creams and they throw in a few truffles that's diversity. It's not what you want but what they authorities tell you you should have. The Soviet bloc has broken up and being replaced by Europe. As for calling a racist area, then if Eltham is racist, Putney is musical, Finchley is depressed, Wembley is creative and Peckham is sporting. What utter total nonsense. An area is a plot of land inhabited by people of similar economic and partially cultural groups. But not racists. Can you imagine the estate agent's ads? House for sale in Eltham, membership of the BNP recommended, whites only? For god's sake, as every year passes I see the sanity of the people deteriorate. If people were stronger the governments wouldn't be able to force this junk on us.

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