Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Non events #1

OK, today I've run out of things to do on my own. There are only so many, and I've used them all up. The final act left was to post here, so I am. And I've called this non events #1 as I expect there to be many more instances of non events ahead, as this seems to be the way things are.
The one problem with internet communities are that though you meet the right sort of people, they live anywhere at random, so are hardly ever likely to meet them. I've been posting comments like this all my life in notebooks, but of course here I'm doing it for public view, so have to both try and make them interesting and edit out some of the stuff that, though most people have similar ideas in private, seem to give the impression of insanity in public as they aren't yet topics people are aware they share with others.
In fact, apart from being over sensitive to my surroundings, I'm actually quite sane. I do know all the medical definitions, and if I've lasted this long with no symptoms beyond extreme anxiety I think I can safely say that anything I express that's different from the masses is genius, not insanity. I'm sure some great writers have earnt millions writing the same sort of banal reflections I do once they've found a good publisher. Well, the nearest thing for me is the internet, and if some bright person decides to read all the blogs and publish the best ones for those people who don't have the internet, I'm sure they'd do very well.

Thought for today: Please could all those people on blogs and generally stop moaning about their relationships! You have no sensitivity for those without one, and either enjoy what you've got, or leave the bastards. But for God's sake don't whinge about 'Oh, he's not paying enough attention to me' or 'She doesn't like my friends' or whatever other whining trivia you can drag out of your sad psyches as life just isn't quite perfect enough for you. Do you hear people in Ethiopia complaining about their food being overcooked? NO! Why? Because they appreciate it! If you have a partner, learn to appreciate them or get the hell out of the relationship and get one with someone you actually like!

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Queen Sam said...

I could not possibly agree with that last paragraph more. I have made very few rules for myself about what I post in blog; however, the one rule I try to stick to is that I will not slam another person in my writing if I haven't let them know first hand how I feel. It scares me that so many people "journal" about their relationship problems and do not appear to be trying to fix the situation in real life.