Friday, July 09, 2004

Setting things up

From post #1, you can see (on the female front, at least) I have had to start again from scratch, after 6 months preparing the ground on two previously, which never were in reality. My question for today is about starting projects. I have now started a few efforts meeting someone new, and have one new lead to follow. And the point is that the majority of possible results from started projects never happen.

In the past, I've met a girlfriend usually directly and asked them out, and that's been more or less it. No preparation, clues, hints or anything else. Now I rarely meet anyone new. London is definitely the worst place for over 30s to meet others, believe me, I've seen other places, and there is no community here at all to speak of. It's similar to news stories, when there's all sorts of speculation about will a war/earthquake/hurricane etc start or not, and they hardly ever do. In fact they just usually happen without warning and as soon as people wonder if something major's going to happen in advance it rarely does. So any woman I'm interested in that I don't start dating immediately usually means I never will. If it doesn't happen straight away it probably won't.

Please join in the discussion, I'm always happy to get more information and new data.

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sarah said...

Oh! David...
I always told you,you are a sweetheart..Picky maybe but a sweetheart