Tuesday, July 27, 2004

keeping busy

Well, a busy phase has hopefully come to an end, I prefer to do things as and when I choose, but life sometimes presents you with opportunities that may be stressful, but would be a waste to turn down, like the potential Big Brother eviction I couldn't get in to.
I just spent a few hours on a stall at a typical mind/body exhibition to do reiki healing and tarot readings, but as I was on the late shift I only did the one tarot reading. That is now the end of the busy period, and I also saw a really weird number plate parked in front of me with no ID and nothing like anything seen before. Lucky I was ready with my camera, and here it is 

As I have the book of world plates, it turned out to be a diplomat from the British embassy in Guyana. Not many of those around outside Guyana!

Otherwise any unseen events in the week ahead will be reported if they occur.

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