Saturday, July 03, 2004

B. all to write...

OK, I can see how writing these can focus me on how little actually happens day by day worth writing down. That would be fine in itself, as this isn't intended to be a work of literature, but the trouble is it shows what a boring time is occuring.

Other than that, there's clearly a new online family growing here, and for any women reading this, yes, I'm single, and if I can't use this as an alternative dating ad I can't see why not. So if any ladies are browsing my blog and think they'd like to know more, go ahead. I'm too old and too practical to turn down any positive attention. Pride only serves to delay success, as so many people hang on to disputes or won't progress in projects through it. It's far better to be honest and admit you're either wrong, sorry, or in a hole and then you may find it helps you get out of it.

Well, if anyone learns something from my philosophy I've done very well, it took years of trial and error on my part to learn these principles, and working with personal problems professionally I know these principles work. Behind the surface, we're all the same, and therefore what you may see as a failing in yourself is actually how we're all made. My final question to anyone who wants to comment, is can anyone be returned to the path of truth after officially signing off it? I believe unless something happens that means they have to change, which is rare, they'll always be the ones most fixed and convinced they're right to ever learn anything new. The rest of us who know we both change and make mistakes have less certainty about anything and are therefore open to learning all the time, as we know we're not always right.
Well, there's plenty to think about here, I'll continue to add more of my philosophy as why keep it to myself if it can help people?

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