Saturday, July 24, 2004

Got the answer?

Well, I haven't posted all week as nothing happened.

Fiddling about online this afternoon trying to track down a reference for hypnosis I came across, I discovered extracts from a very expensive course that actually understands how women think! It was based mainly on findings from professional hypnotists, and luckily a book version exists for 1/5 of the price of the whole course. It could be the best investment I'll ever make, especially if you see the quote on my blurb.
I mean, how many men are single at 44 unless they see women as thinking and acting in a way comparable with some ancient tablets found in Star Trek on an alien planet, written in a language and grammar it takes the communication officer, captain and 3 Vulcans over a year to decipher? It appears, (unless they've made it up, which is also a possibility) someone has actually deciphered the biggest mystery of the physical universe, so there's only God and life after death left.

The jury has retired...

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