Thursday, July 01, 2004

Typical quiet day

I had to make an executive decision today, whether to wait till something happens before I post, or keep it rolling regardless of the banality of life here in Kingsbury. Having said that, life in Kingsbury can't be anything but banal, so I suppose that's the answer.

I'm pleased to see a comment on my first day online, and have been trawling the few other blogs I'm linked to (until they make an index), and have left a few of my own around as well. One thing if anyone visits my website will be aware of is my psychic research. I always like stories of psychic powers and events, and have reached a fair stage of clairvoyance myself having studied for 13 years after leaving my academic studies at last. Many powers that are extentions of existing science, eg thoughts exist in our head, why not pass them around like radio waves? We can receive our own thoughts, so the electrical activity others create shouldn't be that hard to pick up either.

Others appear also to be, levitation is the opposite force of gravity, walking through things and invisibility mean the links between the 1% of solid objects that's actually solid change so they no longer form a barrier to normal matter, and psychokinesis is the effect of moving matter through the same channels as thoughts or radio waves. The conclusion is normal science points towards many of the things that currently hardly ever happen, and if we find a way of making them happen deliberately, they won't be paranormal any more.

Only life after death, God and higher dimensions complete with life forms beats me at the moment, as they go beyond anything I can explain through extending existing science. Time slips are also dubious but there are too many examples to be ignored. I look forward to some feedback on this.


Angi said...

Nice interesting comments. I certainly believe that there is a life after death. However, I still believe it's impossible to find that out !!

I'm a firm believer of psychic thoughts, having read many stories about them. I think it is possible.

sarah karen said...