Thursday, July 15, 2004

A busy week

It's quite unusual for me to have a busy week nowadays, partly from avoiding them, and partly from little to do worth getting out of the house for. I'd need more than a few blog pages to give the history of this, but the basic situation is no regular friends, no adequate girlfriend. I've always had friends till recently (it was emigration, not disgust, that made the last one go) but the girlfriends have been few and far between since about 1987 (I do remember these details...).

Partly due to the arrival of a local healing centre who have actually welcomed me into their staff (if we can raise any interest amongst the public) and I've spent some time there getting to know the two fascinating sisters who own it. I've got a fair amount of counselling-related work as well this week, and am seeing a female friend on Friday (one of the last people left on the sinking ship that is my social life). I even visited my local palace of retail, Brent Cross shopping centre, hoping to find a digital radio that's been marketed for nearly 2 years but has never been sold in reality. Despite the first ever exact date for official launch being given (the 8th of July), the only company who claim to have real ones, Dixons, had none in their shop. I think they just forgot to add the 'not yet available' warning on their website like everyone else did.
One thing I won't hopefully do here is talk about future plans. I have never known either whether they will be worth the effort, or even carried out until after the day has passed, so any new plans I have on the system will appear here after the event and not, like the media, be speculated upon in advance.

I also have a new internet friend who may or may not like to meet me. I think an answer is on it's way shortly, but I have no idea which way it will go (I rarely do with women, like trying to understand Klingon, only their body language is easier to read). One problem with blogs is if you write about people you know there's always the chance they'll read it. Now as I'm a glutton for attention, I'd see it as an honour just for someone to bother to put me in their story, but most people hate to be gossiped about and would bawl me out once they saw how I actually feel about them. What a sad, paranoid, world it is.

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